Das Rules

Or, more accurately, guidelines to which I might occasionally, but not always, and certainly not exclusively, adhere to for one entire year.

Boundaries. That’s what I need. In fact, that’s probably what might solve a lot of things. Well, perhaps knowing where they are. Well. Perhaps knowing where they are and eradicating my unyielding desire to waltz across them and stamp on the line, maybe just a little either side, and foxtrot my way all the way back home. I am not good at rules. I am if they make sense to me. I’m  not particularly good at time keeping. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I have no concept of time, in as far as it relates to anyone else. I will arrive precisely when I mean to. If that’s three hours after you, that’s your problem.



So, rules!

I will obviously have to post a story every day. This can be done at any point before midnight.

The story must be written that day. Ideas can be though of previously, but every word has to be written that day.

The term “story” is loosely interpreted, here. While I will ensure that everything I write has a premise, a vague plot and an end, it will not always be of the story kind. Most of the time it will be a short story about something that is happening to a person at a very precise moment in time, a very short moment of their life. Sometimes it might be their entire life. Sometimes it might just be about someone looking over at the horizon and thinking. It will be writing. It will be telling a tale of the characters I write. It won’t be The Lord of the Rings every time.

A minimum word count of five hundred words will be applied.

Story continuation may happen, but no more than twice in any given seven day period. For instance, a serial or sequel may only appear twice in Monday-Sunday maximum. I will also be allowed to write pieces with the vision of following them up later – though always bearing in mind that the words and most of the story will be written and thought of in the same day.

If I post before Chrisy posts his song, I get 5p. If he posts before I do, he gets 5p.

Launch Day is Friday, 7th October. 2011.

~ by S.G. Mark on October 4, 2011.

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