D-Day: Tomorrow

I am so going to fail within a week.

7th October 2011-6th October 2012.

I finish it a year today. How odd. I wonder what I’ll be like in a year. I wonder where I’ll be. I wonder what colour hair I’ll have and how long. I wonder how much money I will have spent in underwear, dresses and shoes. I wonder how many grams of eyeliner I’ll have used. How many bottles of shampoo. Conditioner. I wonder if I’ll have broken my glasses already. I wonder if I’ll maybe even be a little taller. I wonder if my room will still be red. I wonder if my favourite food will still be Thai. I wonder if I’ll still have my cool hat. I wonder if my dinosaur will still keep me warm at night.

~ by S.G. Mark on October 6, 2011.

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