Day 2 – Killer Bees & Jet Li

I’m a better song writer than Chrisy.

Word count: 1541

A crimson sun rose over the horizon and cast its rays over the valley below. A light mist was forming in the forest. Everything was still except for a few solitary birds flocking from their branches to catch their morning prey. The mountains, silhouetted against the ever brightening sky, were capped with fresh snow and the only thing that could be heard over the crashing of the waterfalls and the occasional call of an eagle, was a dry, constant and not too distant humming.

Witnessing this all with his tired, weary eyes, was Jet Li. Sweat dripped off his body. He’d just been running. Running for his life. He was standing heroically on top of a cliff, facing the rising sun like a warrior on the eve of battle. In his right arm, held limply, was his weapon. A sharp, slick Chinese sword. It glistened in the morning light.

Jet narrowed his eyes and scanned the scene before him. He could see them coming. The Swarm. He had heard them for hours now. It was all he could hear now. The constant buzzing, the nightmare that the sound brought. It had driven many mad before The Swarm had even arrived. For months before they had come – seemingly out of nowhere – people had heard them. There were reports everywhere of strange buzzing noises; bizarre humming and the endless torture that it brought to people. But that was nothing; nothing compared to what was to come.

They were coming. Coming faster than Jet could ever have imagined. A shadow was cast over Jet’s face as The Swarm rose further into the sky, crescendoing in a beautiful arc against the fierce brightness of the sun. Jet readied himself. The grip on the helm of his sword tightened. He inhaled the last few breaths of fresh air whilst he had the opportunity. He let himself remember all those he’d been fighting for; all those he’d lost. This was it. This was the last stand. This was the final act and, flying in from the East on buzzing wings, was the final scene.

They were now no more than half a mile away. The buzzing was growing increasingly intense. There was now no turning back. They knew he was here; their greatest threat, now forlorn and forsaken to the abandoned hope.

Jet had fought long and Jet had fought hard. But he had no more left to give. He’d lost everything and the world was now doomed. Nothing could save it now.

The winged creatures rose again with the thermals rising from the ground. Jet could now almost make out individual ones. Black and yellow. The colours of death.

Jet raised his sword high into the air, ready to strike when the moment was right. He imagined he had only seconds to live. They were now almost upon him. The buzzing was intense. It was as if the apocalypse had finally come.

Then, suddenly, from the side, there came an explosion of blue light and a black mass of muscle came bursting out of seemingly nowhere. It dove towards Jet and knocked him clean off his feet just as the bees torpedoed, inches above their heads.

“What are you doing?” Jet screamed.

“Saving your, ass!” cried a very pissed off Jean Claude Van Damne.

Jean grabbed a hold of Jet’s arm and then fumbled around with a black electronic device with his free hand. Just as the bees were swerving round, intent on the kill, Jean slammed his finger on the big red button in the middle and suddenly they were transported from the terrifying doom to a tranquil black cavern.

It was cold. Shafts of blue light fell intermittently around the cavern. It was huge, immense. A few bats above flapped their wings and roamed around the darkness. All else was peaceful. It was a haven from the outside world.

Jet was lying sprawled out on the cold, wet rocks. Jean was a little further away.

“What the fuck were you doing, Jet?” Jean yelled out.

“It’s over, Jean. It’s over. I called for you days ago. You didn’t come.”

Jean got himself to his feet. “I didn’t come? I just saved your ass out there!”

Jet leapt to his feet, “I didn’t want to be saved!”

“I wasn’t going to let you go on your own personal suicide mission, you motherfucka!”

Jet stepped forward into his fighting stance, “You haven’t lost your entire family to the bastards.”

Jean flipped out his Beretta, “I’m not the one giving up on the entire planet.”

Jet fell to his knees. “There’s nothing else that can be done. You’ve been to the future, you should know!”

Jean knelt down beside his weakened comrade, “Yes… and the end is not today. Not this day.”

Jet looked up, hopeful with a slight tear in his eye.

Jean continued, “There is a legend. I learnt about it years ago. And until your message I knew not of its relevance. I was in Damascus in the fourth century fighting of the damn Islams when I heard about it. The great weapon that one day would come to save the world. Some say it had been made at the dawn of time…”

“A weapon? How, where?”

“Here, in this very cavern.”

“Where are we?”

“The Caucasus mountains. Deep in the heart of the highest one.”

“And it’s here? What is it? Where is it in here?”

“Yes, it’s here. And it will only present itself to those who are worthy.”

Jean turned around and stepped forward a few steps towards the heart of the cavern.

Out of the bare, barren rock, there rose a stone. It rose higher and higher, and the light that was falling from the cavern roof was being redirected towards it in a dazzling display. Jet was mesmerised. He staggered to his feet, astounded by the object that he saw atop the rock. It was golden, it was awe-worthy. It took his breath away and would not return it.

“Behold, Jet, The Golden Fly Swat.”

The two men stared at it for a few seconds, their manhood wounded by its superiority.

Jean walked towards it, casting his now obsolete Beretta to the floor. He walked up the small stone steps at the foot of the plinth and readied his hand to grasp the gilded weapon in his hands.

But something happened. Something unexpected. Jean was suddenly blasted away from the Swat by some invisible force. His body slammed hard against the rock floor.

Jet leaped towards his fallen friend, crouching down close to Jean’s head. His breathing was low, it was barely present at all.

“Jean, Jean!”

Jean coughed and spluttered up blood. Jet raised Jean’s head and rested it in his lap.

“You’re going to be okay, Jean. Everything’s going to be fine.”

Jean stammered and coughed, “No… no… you… I am … not I am not… worthy….”

Jet grasped on to Jean’s hand, “No, I can’t do this alone, you won’t die! You didn’t let me and I won’t let you!”

“It’s too… late… You’re the only one… you must…”

Jean foisted something into Jet’s hand, “Take this….”

It was the black teleportation device.

“Hey Jet…. do me a favour….. you kick those motherfuckin’ buzzin’ asses good….”

Jean’s head fell limply out of Jet’s lap.

Struck with an immense sense of grief and simultaneous determination, Jet rose to his feet and stepped towards his destiny. He climbed the steps that had defeated Jean and reached out to take the beautiful saviour. It was encrusted in the finest jewels and sparkled with hope; shone with serenity.

With no hindrance at all, Jet took the Golden Fly Swat from its stone and stole one last glance at Jean’s dead body before slamming his finger on the shiny red button.

As before, he was rocketed out of the cavern and found his body tearing through the spatial diversity of the world to land on his feet to exactly where he had intended to go: the clifftop where he had originally intended to fight his last fight. This time, his intentions were to make them fight theirs.

With a steely grip and a cast iron ferociousness, Jet stepped into his fighting stance. He whipped the Swat around a few times, feeling the beast’s power unyielding in his hand. This was it. This was the moment that he had been waiting for his entire life. And now, he was no longer ready to die; he was ready to live. He was ready to fight and to blast these bees out into the outer space that they’d come from.

The bees saw him now, standing there apparently like a fool. The Swarm panned to the left and veered a course straight for them. There must have been at least a few million of them. But Jet just stood there, his feet no longer ready to run. They were coming down on him fast. But Jet had only one thing to say to them.

“I think it’s time for you lot to buzz off now.”

~ by S.G. Mark on October 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Day 2 – Killer Bees & Jet Li”

  1. I love it! The Golden Fly Swat! 😀

  2. Hahahahaahahahaha!

    Best story ever!

  3. Enjoyed that. The only criticism is your repetition of words in the same sentence like now and step and rose and rise.
    Story telling is a bit like a song, even non musos or authors get subconsciously derailed, like a Scalextric car, if the flow becomes interrupted or the groove slips. Tell me to piss off if you don’t want pointers.

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