Day 12 – Escape

This is in no way about me, my desire to leave Edinburgh and run away to the mountains. Honest.



Word count: 534


She was just another disenchanted face in the crowd. Her long hair fell over her face in the howling wind; her make up had trickled down her cheeks like a drying up stream; but unlike all the lifeless, pieces of driftwood she was passing on the street, she knew exactly where she was going. Her heels slammed on the pavement, splashing through puddles and creating tiny showers of rain at her ankles.


It was November. It was the five twenty-four and she had eleven minutes left. She had no luggage and nothing to weigh her down save the very clothes she was wearing. She had no money; no passport; there wasn’t a penny to her name any more and there was no returning. She’d less handed in her notice that afternoon but thrown it back at them and stampeded over it, crushing out any possible life force still surviving. Then, she’d marched to the bank and withdrew every last pence she owned and stuffed it into a charity box. There was nothing left of the woman who lived in a small, rotting little flat on the south-side.



There was now no stopping this woman. As mad as bull, she drove through the herds ahead, blindly walking across the line of traffic. Horns beeped and swearing ensued across the cityscape. But she was deaf to it all. Eight minutes.



She quickened her pace. This has been a long time in coming and she wasn’t going to let it slip from her fatigued fingers. Too long she had spent gripping on to the cliff; now she was ready to fall and she was going to enjoy every last second of it. Six minutes.


A car to the side of her slammed its breaks on. Her foot teetered on the brink of marching forward; her head titled to the side, eyeing up the driver in a fierce stand off. This road was hers and he was not going to dare put his foot on the accelerator. Her foot landed on the ground as planned and she strode onwards. Five minutes.



Her heels were now hammering down the longest set of stairs in her life. Handbags and suitcases were like mines ahead of her; grasping away at all the time she had left. She could finally see it. There was a crowd getting on to it ahead. But nothing was going to step in her way now; not the policemen shifting their suspicious eyes towards her; not the dustmen clearing up the rubbish in the corner; not the self obsessed tourists fiddling with maps and foreign money in front of her; no this was her time and she was in her element. Two minutes


Her hand touched the rail; her foot gripped a tiny corner of the step and there the sudden rush of achievement throbbed to her head. Not until she was sitting did it eventually hit her though. No more enslavement to a company who barely knew her name; no more rent; no more taxes and no more regrets. This was it. One minute and forty-nine seconds to spare. A one way ticket and no return; the train started to move and slowly leave the station.

~ by S.G. Mark on October 19, 2011.

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