Day 23 – Dark Princess – Part 1

Today’s soundtrack is: Dark Princess by Christernopholous or Fincolnshirian.



Word count: 569



From high up in her castle chambers she stood by the window and watched as the last of her servants walked through the wrought iron gates at the very edge of the grounds. Farther off in the horizon, thundered threatened the valley as black clouds amassed over the mountains and crept steadily towards the old, dilapidated castle.

The walls of the castle now echoed with emptiness. As she stalked the spiral staircases and secret passageways she felt a cold uneasiness of someone watching her. Every single day of her life she had her servants tending to her every need, watching out and looking after her. Tonight was the first night she would spend alone in her castle but there was nothing about the desolate dungeons, the solitary stone statues and abandoned servant’s chambers that made her feel for one second that she was alone.

The princess took her long black riding cloak from her clothing chamber and snuck out through the kitchen’s hidden passageway. She frequented this escape route whenever she needed to get sneak off by herself. Tearing back a loose bookshelf led her into the familiar dark cavern. Tall though she wasn’t, she still needed to stoop in order to get through the tunnel. It emerged just behind the great rose bush at the foot of the tallest turret. She grabbed the branches of the bush and hoisted herself out of the hole. Rain pattered on the hood of her cloak. The storm was approaching.

Nevertheless, she continued onwards into the great garden. But it wasn’t around the botanical wonders that her gardener created that she was heading towards. Her intentions led her through the little archway gate that was smothered in a magnificent ivy and down through the dense forest towards the river that ran through the woods at the bottom of the hill. As she fought through the dangling twigs and intertwining branches, slipping over the roots of these old and wise trees, the rain began to really batter down from the heavens. The river wasn’t much farther on though and she wasn’t at all sure yet that she wasn’t being followed.

The torrent of the river was faster than normal. The rain that was now hammering down on her from above was flowing into it, dragging globdules of mud and stone as it did so. Suddenly she heard a twig behind her snap. Her cloak swooped round as she turned to see who was there, but there was no one. A few birds flew from the trees where the sound had originated from. She didn’t dare turn her back. The princess stared on intently at the trees ahead. Their branches seemed to move like the claws of a witch, the way they swayed was almost hypnotic.

From out of nowhere, something tore at her arm and threw her body to the muddy ground. Face spattered with dirt, she couldn’t move with fear. She listened out for her attacker, but there was silence. All she could hear over the gushing river and padding raindrops was the sound of her own breath. Grappling on to the sodden ground around her, she tried to get up. Barely a few seconds off the floor, an enormous weight threw itself down on her back – its claws slicing into her skin. A maddening, tormenting roar was coming from the creature as it scratched and bit slices out of her neck….



~ by S.G. Mark on October 30, 2011.

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  1. awesome.

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