Day 24 – Dark Princess Replacement Bus Service

Due to unforeseen circumstances – getting ill – Dark Princess Part 2 has been postponed until further notice. Instead, a replacement story service will be put on to ensure that you reach the level of your required story-reading habits.

However, if this is utter bollocks, which it is, then I’m ill. I can’t swallow, I’ve barely slept and when I did I had no idea where I was when I woke up. And also this features an attractive Zombie, who cannot be named for legal reasons. But I can assure you he is as innocent as Michael Jackson was.


Word count: 509



There once was a beautiful little girl called Felicity who knew very little about electricity, which was ironic considering she was struck by lightening every year at the same time.

It would always be on the 14th of September. There would always be a light, fuzzy wind in the air and her heart would be as high as the kite she’d be flying. Every year without fail since the age she was six it would happen. Now she was fourteen and was starting to think something was amiss for on the eve of the 14th one year, she noticed several things that she hadn’t before.

All the water she drank had frogspawn in them and all the space on her floor had weeds. She had a sister named Lucy and eleven cats that looked like her. The sun would always set in the same place it rose. Elephants would frequent her living room and escape through her nose. Her mother was really her father and her father really a goat. But she took all this in her stride, and even accepted when her dreams went quite far off the realism tide, as her back developed wings and her vocal chords the ability to sing.

But weirdest among all abilities, she found that she had the power to control men’s minds. Now at fourteen this mind be a trivial fact – a craving quenched for ice cream and a human remote. But as the years got older and her hair a little longer, good old Flick’s mind did begin to wonder down the familiar territory women seem to tread. There she met Selfishness and greeted him with a warm hug. Selfishness introduced her to Manipulation, who was everybody’s friend. Further on, and a little passed the rocky mountains of deceit that most women seem to fall and crack their heels on, Felicity and her companions met with Mistrust and Paranoia and they all sent around invites for a party that night.

By now Foxy Flick was nineteen and had learned most of her magic tricks. However, there was one left she still had to master. So it was with great pleasure that she did invite her one last treasure to the party that night. He was shorter than she thought he might have been, wore a check shirt and his skin was olive green. Pustules were forming in patches on his face – he was quite the catch for a Zombie.

On the stroke of midnight the lightening struck. Flick was once more dowsed with fresh electricity. She grabbed the arm of the Zombie and made him feel the stinging too. His eyes lit up to a fraction what they were when he was alive. It made her smile and she knew she could do it with but a wink and a nod. This Zombie was hers and he would do her bidding no matter what.

Flick touched his arm and whispered softly in his rotting Zombie ear.

“Please, dear Zombie, please sing me a song about blue WKD…”

~ by S.G. Mark on October 31, 2011.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha.

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