Day 30 – The Girl Who.. yadda yadda Part 3

Word count: 1913

Everything switched to black; she could only sense her body and his; there was no concept of a world outside their own skin. The universe itself was being crushed under its own weight and the magnitude of its existence was being swept away dramatically by the crashing tide of time. They were flying; flying through the complete emptiness of space.

Alice gripped on tight to Monty. From all the darkness, the coldness and the vast void encompassing her body, his hands were the only evidence that she was not alone in the cosmos. Alice couldn’t fathom how long they were in this place for. It seemed both an eternity and a split second at once. Time played no part in this black vestige of the universe.

Then, slowly and gently a force started to pull them down. Alice felt as if she were a bird coming to land; quite to where, quite to when, she had no idea. Glowing orbs appeared in the velvet blackness. There were hundreds of them scattered around them, all shining with varying intensities. Alice’s mind was numb to it all. It couldn’t comprehend or let herself believe the things she was beginning to see. Each orb began directing its light towards the others. The blackness was suddenly swallowed by a web of bright, white light from everywhere. Alice looked around – everything was in perfect symmetry. The force pulling them down increased. A wind started to pick up and her hair was thrown upwards as her body raced further downward. The strands of white light then sealed themselves together and – just as she felt something solid against her soles – the light burst outward into a glorious firework of colour. Then, all went quietly blank briefly before Alice’s eyes were saturated with the breath-taking scene before her of the planet that was not her own, four thousand years ahead of her time.

Everything was basking in a blue hue. It was dark – it might have been night. Some of the same strange glowing orbs were floating high above them, casting their light down on to this bizarre world below. There were cliffs rising up from nothing and an odd cylindrical building circled off into the deepest blue horizon. Alice stood there, jaw gaping in awe.

“Where are we?” she muttered, barely ready for the answer she might receive.

Monty, standing coolly behind her, wrapped a hand around her shoulder, “My home.”

Alice laughed in excitement, “It can’t be?”

“It is.”

Monty held out a black circular stone like object in his hand. A red light on it was blinking.

“My time manipulator, but the battery’s low.”

Alice’s eyes lit up and dazzled with the reflection of the glowing orbs above. She stepped forward to take a closer view of the whole new planet she’d landed on. She could breathe the same air and stand the same way up. It was everything Earth was and not. It had a beauty that no one could have dreamed of. The light from the orbs swam through the air, making ripples of sporadic white reflections. And there were shapes flying above them as well. Alien creatures in alien skies. The cliffs before her rose up and cast a dark shadow of the earthy ground before her. Brown earth – just like home. There were no patches of grass, no trees and no streams or rivers.

“Is this the countryside?” she stepped forward and slammed into something hard.

Behind her Monty laughed hysterically.

Alice jumped back from whatever it was she had hit and rubbed her eyebrow, feeling a bruise fast appearing.

“What? What?” she desperately searched for what had hit her. But there was nothing – nothing but a tiny smudge in the middle of the air. It was at her own head height. Monty was still giggling to himself as she stepped up and placed a finger on the smudge… It was solid. All around the smudge was solid. She looked back at him and he stopped laughing as he saw the amazement drawn upon her face.

“It’s glass, Alice,” he said, composing himself as a guide once more.

“Glass?” she stroked it and noticed that it started to curve inwards at the top.

“We’re about twenty-thousand metres underwater,” he said, “These glass cylinders run the entire circumference of the world and more. There’s an entire network of them. It’s where we live.”

“But, but those birds? Up there?” Alice pointed at the black shapes flying in the sky.

“Thyders. The nastiest beasts you’ll ever likely to meet in the ocean.”

Alice gazed up at them in wonderment. Deadly they may be, they were beautiful to her.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It used to be,” Monty said thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?”

“It never used to be like this – we never used to live in submarine tunnels. There used to be giant plans and great forests – high mountains made of solid silver and plunging ravines of finest quartz. Before my life time though…”

“What happened?” Alice asked carefully.

Monty locked eye contact with her briefly, but quickly looked away, shame etched in the whites of his eyes.

Interrupting the silence, a beeping started before Monty could reply. He looked down the length of the long concave corridor and sighed.  “We need to go.”

“Why?” Alice said, spying the flashing red light far off the distance.

“Because we’ve been spotted,” he said, grabbing Alice’s hand and taking off down the other direction to the flashing red light.

“Where  – are – we – going?” Alice said, impregnated with heavy breathing as they ran.

Monty’s line of sight didn’t stray from the horizon – he did not answer and he did not falter from his path. Alice ran as hard and as fast as she could. Outside the scenery changed from gentle ocean floor to a dark chasm of activity. There were magnificent sea dwelling beasts in every crevice of the reef. Multiple finned swam in their schools the same way they would on Earth whilst the hungry eyes of their predators lingered in their traps.

As the tunnel curved around, a door finally appeared in sight. It came in the form of a tiny hatch mounted within a giant metallic wall. Towards the top of the metal there was a white plaque with a lettering in a strange language Alice wasn’t able to read. Monty raced over to the door to release the lock whilst Alice panted for breath.

“What’s going on, why are we running?”

“Aha!” Monty pushed open the hatch and a turquoise light swamped their eyes. “Ladies first, I think it is in your culture?”

He motioned for Alice to crawl in first. She returned a look that was most unimpressed.

“Quickly, Alice, please,” Monty pleaded, squinting a look back down the tunnel from the corner of his eyes.

Alice studied Monty as she regained her breath. She looked out the glass walls at the sea beyond and saw a beautiful underwater world of life and creation and then she looked back to him once more; the man who had appeared in her bedroom late at night, woken her and restrained her on her bed. Could this all be a dream? Had someone slipped something in her drink? It was too real. He was too real. Monty, the strange alien that looked exactly like a human. How? How was it even possible to be here, to be running from some unknown assailant, to have alien fish swimming in an alien sea all around her, four thousand years after she should have died?

“I know what you’re thinking,” Monty said.

Alice shook her head, “No you don’t.”

“Alice, there’s not a second that goes by that I won’t know what you’re thinking…I know you too well,” he reached a hand to her, “So believe me when I say this, because I’m the only friend you have out here. Trust me.”

Alice hesitated. Her mind was split in two. Logic and reason battled against excitement and adventure. A long shadow appeared from the curve in the tunnel and stretched up to the glass roof. It did not look human in form. It had at least two more limbs. It was approaching fast.

“Alice, we don’t have much time,” Monty hastened her.

Alice nodded and grabbed his hand. He thrust her into the small hatchway – it was a tight squeeze – and she was instantly thrown upwards into the brilliant blinding light. The chimney-like tunnel was encrusted with turquoise quartz crystals – they snagged and scratched at her skin as she rose further and further up. Beneath her she could hear Monty writhing around and shouting to himself, though she could not make out what he was saying. Alice tried to look down, but the force rocketing her up was too great, but she managed to catch the tiniest of glimpses of Monty just as he reached up with something in his hand and screamed at the top of his voice.

“Don’t swallow!”

Alice gulped and instantly regretted it. At the exact second his words had hit her ears, her body suddenly stopped flying upwards and paused for a comical moment before plunging back downwards at an even greater velocity than before.  She all her bodily fluids shoot up her esophagus and smash against the roof of her mouth. Now, she understood what Monty had meant. Alice tried to swallow but it wouldn’t go back down. She gritted her teeth and waited eagerly for her feet to hit the ground again.

Fortunately, Alice didn’t have to wait long. After a few painful minutes, she finally felt the descent start to slow and her feet finally came to rest on the ground again. By that time she was a distinct tint of stoney-grey. Staggering out of the small chamber they’d just hurtled down, she barely noticed the red quartz cavern they’d arrived in. The entire roof of the cave seemed to have been painted with a sparkling, deep red. There was no glass tunnel now – the air was completely natural and not a drop of water was in sight.

But Alice was bent over  by the side of the hatchway trying desperately to gulp and swallow.

“Are you alright?” asked Monty, staring up at the cavern himself like a child.

“I’m…fine.” Alice feigned composure.

“Fun, wasn’t it?”

“Er, yeah?” Alice covered a wretch with a cough.

“We’ll be safe down here, at least I hope so.”

“Where are we?” Alice asked, finally noticing the warmth.

“About ten kilometers further down than we were before. This is where I live,” he said, warmly introducing her to the cave with his arms.

“It’s, uhm,” Alice began.

“A cave,” Monty finished for her, “I know. But this is luxury compared to… I mean we’ve got our own air, free heating courtesy of the planet’s lava chambers and no one is likely to follow us this far down – especially when all transfer chambers are impossible to reverse in direction…”


“Transfer chambers – what we were in.”

“But we did reverse direction?”

“Impossible, if you don’t have a time manipulator!”

Monty produced his time manipulator once more and winked, “Battery absolutely dead now. I’ll need to charge it. Most of these rocks though have a magnetic field though, so it’ll be alright soon.”

“You’re impossible,” Alice smiled.

“Ah, no Alice, I am nothing compared to you.”

“How would you know, we’ve only just met?”

Monty edged towards her, “That is true, yes. But I’ve known you my entire life.”

~ by S.G. Mark on November 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Day 30 – The Girl Who.. yadda yadda Part 3”

  1. cooooooooooool adventure.

  2. ooooooo suspense. I wonder what might happen next!

  3. cool one.

  4. admittedly, now I’m hooked…

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