Day 36 – The Decision

Today’s story is sponsored by “It’s a Miracle” by Roger Waters.

Word count: 677



Even the bright fluorescent light couldn’t distract or detract him from his single mindedness and the target that he had, like a sniper, locked on to. It was what he had been waiting for for years. This year, this month, week, day, hour, minute and second was finally the time for him to find true happiness. For years and years – decades perhaps – he had been waiting for this. Felix felt as if he would find himself in this moment. Ever since the age of twelve he knew that something was wrong in his life. The childlike elation he used to feel in his head was starting to fade. All the wishes and fears he’d had as a child began to change and morph into much bigger dilemmas. Everything was tainted with seriousness as his life slowly began to unravel. Now was the moment that the spiral would finally come to an end.

There was seemingly nothing between him and his target. There were no bright lights, no fancy TVs and no coloured signs demanding his attention. There were no other people chasing across his line of sight laden with their own fears, their own desperations and their own inner spirits fighting against the tide of denial. It felt that they were the only two things in the entire universe.

Felix bounded towards it – leaping like the six year old he had been once upon a time. Every metre brought him closer and closer to happiness. It was just within reach when something snuck into existence from the corner of his eyes. It ambushed his attention like a guerilla warrior. Felix came to an abrupt and unpredictable halt. After all these years Felix never knew he could commit such material adultery. His mind quivered on the edge of indecisiveness. Back and forth his eyes darted like crosshairs at the centre of a scope.

“Yes, Felix, choose me,” his material lover whispered to him from its place upon the shelf.

“But I’m better, Felix. I’ll love you more. I’ll be there for you… always…” the other said seductively. Felix was trapped. There was no escape now. He couldn’t leave without taking one of them. He couldn’t just abandon his mission in life. He couldn’t just remove himself from the only possible chance of happiness that he might have. But there were now two paths for Felix to take. Two paths that might lead to entirely different destinations. One might take him to Shangrila, one might lead to hell.

Felix was shaking now. The intensity of the situation was causing him to perspire and his heart to palpitate. What was he to do? There was no way he could have both, could he? He wiped the sweat from his brow. The heat was suffocating. He felt as if everyone around him – everyone passing by, everyone in the vicinity – was crowding around him and judging him as if he were a cage fighter. All the power was in his hands. All the responsibility ultimately upon his shoulders.

What would happen if he made the wrong choice? Could he return to this same place as if he were loading a saved game? Could he turn back time?

Felix tried to take deep breaths, to rerun the logical outcome of each choice. One would be more time consuming, more challenging. One would be slick, cool and a furious flame of power in his hands. One would be brighter, one more finger friendly. The differences were endless. Each choice had its own platitudes and negatives. Felix’s fate was now no longer set.

The world seemed to stop. There were no wars, no death, no births, no screaming of joy, no yells of broken despair. There was no injustice, no criminality and no hunger. There were only the three of them. Felix, with his earth-shattering decision to make, and the two objects of his sparkling desire alluringly posing before him. Felix steadied his nerve as steely cold blood throbbed through his veins: he was now ready to decide which mobile phone he would select.

~ by S.G. Mark on November 12, 2011.

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