Day 39 – The Aftermath – Olivia

This one’s early again – but pub tonight!

Word count: 590

“Oh no, you didn’t?” Yasmin giggled.

“I did,” Olivia was gagging with laugher.

They were their living room in their cosy refurbished flat on the other side of town. Olivia had collapsed in fit of hysterics as she had come in the door. It had taken all her strength to compose  herself on the long walk home from the restaurant. Olivia wasn’t sure if she was in a state of shock or a state of complete bemusement. Quite what on earth had possessed her to go on the date in the first place she could never say, but to agree to another?

“He was showing me his card game!” Tears were streaming down Olivia’s cheeks as she garbled her words out.

Yasmin leant forward in anticipation.

“And… and it’s… it’s goblins.. and points and… oh, dear! There’s this card… the card to rule … to rule all cards… but – wait for it – wait for it,” she flapped her arms like a duckling taking its first flight, “it’s broken!”

Yasmin yelped in laughter and fresh tears streaked from Olivia’s eyes.

It was the worst date she’d ever been on. When he’d first arrived she admitted there might have been a little hope. He wasn’t terrible looking, but he wasn’t the dashing Prince Charming either. The entire possibility crumbled, however, within minutes of being seated. Olivia’s lip was almost bleeding with the pressure she’d had to apply to it in order to stop her bursting into giggles. As she walked home Olivia wondered if this guy was enough to put her off dates full stop!

But she’d agreed to a second one? How? How in the world of all things rational and sane did she agree to that one? Could she plead temporary insanity? Did it consitute as a verbal contract and she would have to oblige? Could she change her number, fake her own death? Was there any escape from the torment of yet another two hours with that man?

“I’m going to have to tell him I can’t go…” Olivia finally said when she’d calmed down.

“Why? It’s been so much comic value!” joked Yasmin.

“I know – but… but the poor guy….”

“I know…. perhaps he hasn’t had many girls?”

Olivia hesitated briefly before plunging into a fresh burst of hysterics, “Can you blame them?”

“Ok, ok, you have to tell him now though!”

“I can’t! Not after the amazing date he thinks he’s just had!”

Yasmin frowned, “He might not be thinking that though?”

Olivia exchanged a look with her old friend that only Yasmin could interpret, “Really?”

“Fair point… ”

“Where’s my phone?” Olivia dived into her purse and extracted all her bare essentials – hair brush, make up pallete, mirror, purse, coin purse, notebook, diary, hair accessories – before finally taking out her phone. She scrolled down her contacts list and found James’ number. “I am a terrible, terrible person.”

Olivia hit the dial button and pressed the phone to her ear, wincing at the cringey-ness of what might be coming…

He picked up.

“Hello? James? Yes, yeah it’s me.. I’m not too bad, how are you?” she made a strange look towards Yasmin, who was covering her mouth in an attempt at not to laugh. “No, no I just… uhhuh.. well… no I understand.. no that seems alright… yeah? Ok. Sure that’s fine… alright then… yeah… you too. Bye,” she hung up and addressed Yasmin with a grunt, “I have no spine.”

“What happened?” Yasmin asked curiously.

“I’m meeting him for drinks tomorrow.”

~ by S.G. Mark on November 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day 39 – The Aftermath – Olivia”

  1. This sounds oddly familiar, I can’t think why 😉

    It did indeed cause hysterical laughter – the one card to rule all other cards!

    I like it – especially the ending 😛 🙂

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