Day 41 – Whatever It’s About, This is The Title

I couldn’t think of anything else?


Word count: 682



The last grain of sand fell from the top half of his hour glass and an electric pulse of realization snapped down his spine. He was late. He was so horrendously late that he would now never get to the place he was trying not to be late for. After all the pre-planning, the perfect schedules, the precision time keeping and the excellent historical record of early arrivals, David thought that today of all days would have gone more smoothly.

It was his wedding day. Not only that, but it was his other wedding day as well.

David was stuck in a hiatus between both venues. He could reach neither. The taxi was stuck in some form of traffic cement. As far as he could see there were cars, only occasionally broken by the odd bus or two. It was not only a driver’s idea of hell; it was about thirty minutes away from being his own private hell.

For some bizarre reason, he had chosen the venues for both weddings to be side by side. The closer the better, he had thought. The idea was to nip between them at the drop of a hat and be able to quietly cross the street unseen to visit the other bride. However, as best laid as his plans were,  reality  had not began to twist the knife in until the very morning itself.

The flowers were late: for both weddings. When he’d tried on his suit trousers they were too short and after many minutes of arguing, it was reasoned that they were not the right ones in the first place. Best man number one was sent to fetch the correct trousers whilst Best man number two was sent to wedding number one to ensure that everything would run smoothly. Neither best man knew about the two weddings. Half an hour of impeccable quietness later, a third blow was struck to the perfect plan. The rings had been switched. The right ring was going to the wrong person. David was hyperventilating. Grabbing his wallet but forgetting his keys, he raced out to catch up with bestmans numbers one and two in a bid to slyly pickpocket them and switch the rings that they were keeping out of harm’s way.

With ring number 1 in his back pocket, David thought he was winning. He hailed a taxi and – now that he had had his suit – decided that he may as well get dressed in the taxi and head straight to the venue. Little did he envisage such a catastrophic yet miniscule event of a small set of road works half a mile from the venue. For forty minutes he was stuck. There was no way he could run there – he might run the risk of being seen by one of the parties and – at worst – both!

Instead he remained in the backseat of the taxi, quietly weighing up his options. He was now ten minutes late, he checked his watch and then double took. The second hand wasn’t ticking. His heart leapt into his throat. How late was he? He checked the time on the taxi’s front dial. He was an hour late.

Where was his phone, why had no one called him? A sudden vision of a phone lying on his bedside table entered his thoughts.

At last the taxi emerged out of the traffic hell and into the road that both weddings were being held in. It was like a lynch mob. Hundreds of guests in suits and fancy dresses lined the pavements on either side. Two women in gorgeous white dresses ruled them like Queens. They both had their arms folded. There was no way in hell he was going to get out of this alive.

The taxi pulled into the car park in the centre of the road and switched off his engine .He knew it. He knew they had both seen them in the taxi. They were both storming towards him, less dainty little Queens than ravenous polar bears.

“Uhm, could you take me to the station instead, actually?”

~ by S.G. Mark on November 17, 2011.

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