Day 42 – Koalas vs Ponies

All credit for this amazing story idea goes to Derek Brown.

The soundtrack for this story may be found at : – Day 97.

Word count: 630

The old Koala sat back on his branch and sipped his cup of eucalyptus tea, eyes glazed with an amalgamation of sadness and loss.

“It was hell. Hell on Earth,”

As the old Koala began to tell the tale of his emotional battle wounds to the journalist, he found himself sinking back into the warzone once more.

“They were everywhere. Jenkins and I were in charge of gaining entry to their encampment by dead of night and resizing all of their shoes. It was dark. The stars in the night’s sky were like crystals. Jenkins and I crawled down from our tree and made the slow and dangerous journey across the plain. They were there – in the field – at the time. There might have been five or six patrols. They always patrolled in twos. Back and forth they would walk through that plain – chewing the grass, staring at the horizon, both eyes on the lookout at all times. They knew it was only a matter of time before we struck a terrible blow and that night was the time it happened.”

The old Koala could feel himself there as he described the most hellish two hours of his entire waking life, “We made it through the plain unseen. There were a few moments where we had to lie as still as possible and hope that they didn’t trot on top of us,” he started motioning crawling movements with his paws, “But we got through it and we got into their stables without any bother. We were both suspicious though – it being that easy. This was one of their main military bases and we were strolling in there quite calmly.

“It was Jenkins’ idea to make a tunnel underneath the stable walls. Took us a good twenty minutes of digging. We eventually snuck through and crept our way to the armory. There were no guards en route – but we were even more suspicious. And, and…” he lost of his train of thought as the memories came flooding vividly back, “I suddenly felt as if we were being watched… and I told Jenkins this but he relayed my fears and told me I was imagining things. So we changed the… uh, we changed the shoes and it was fine. We weren’t disturbed and we were both giggling at the thought of them strutting over the battle ground the next day with too small shoes on.  But it all went wrong… We were spotted leaving the building. Before we knew it, there were sixteen sets of hooves surrounding us. Though barely more than three and a half foot, these Shetland ponies were not to be messed with…”

A tear ran down the koala’s eye and through his soft facial fur, “Jenkins didn’t stand a chance. Their ravenous lust for evil plans and murder had left the ponies with no capability for mercy. The leader of the battalion stampeded towards him. I tried to push Jenkins out of the way, but I think he knew that only one of us could escape. As the pony head butted Jenkins to the ground, the rest of the herd closed in on us and I knew there and then that they would be performing their ceremonial execution. I thanked Jenkins before disappearing through the legs of the ponies and ran off into the darkness. All I could hear as I ran was Jenkins screaming as they licked him to death…

“Jenkins gave his life to the cause. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be sat here and I wouldn’t be drinking the eucalyptus tea that the ponies spent years taking our lives for. But we won, in the end. We won. And,” the Koala said, “this one’s for Jenkins. The best ninja Koala there ever was.”

~ by S.G. Mark on November 18, 2011.

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