Day 43 – Never Trust a Puppet Reindeer

Word count – 571



It hung from the coat hook, glaring at the party in the room below. The noise, the laughter, the libido, the drinking and the pheromones ricocheting off the wall, Ronald the Puppet Reindeer hated them al with equal passion.

It was a Saturday night. The usual alcohol fuelled fever was striking the household once more in the form of a party. Ronald had suffered one too many this night though. He could only be thankful that he hadn’t been picked up yet and had a hand thrust up his backside yet. Though tonight his plan would finally to fruition. Ronald had been fermenting his plan for weeks – much like the moonshine they were scoffing below.

Whilst most Saturdays he would be feeling disgusted when a drunken hand finally went up his bum, today he was hoping that they would. With narrowed woolen eyes he wished death upon every single one of them in the room.

At last the blond stupid one that would get reliably off his face began to parade around with drinks balanced on his head. Ronald knew that it was now only a matter of time.  But Ronald couldn’t take anything to chance. He couldn’t last any more of their student ways.

It was one of their parents that had bought him. For a brief four hours he thought he was going to a nice family, a nice daughter who would give him lots of love. Alas, his momentary dream was snatched from him as if death himself had scythed them from existence.

His owner instead had shoved him on a coat hook and only remembered him at parties when she was drunk and had no respect for his well being. He would be thrown around the room like a football. Ronald had to end his second class citizenship plight tonight.

The blond one had spied him. From the other side of the room he charged at Ronald and swiped him from his coat hook.

As the greasy hand went up his puppet hole, he grinned as he knew it would  be only a matter of seconds before his plan could begin. At first Ronald focused on the dirty fingers of the blond boy and absorbed them. Next the entire hand was his. The arm and the shoulder followed, the  neck, the head and finally the brain. It was his. Ronald laughed and so did the blond boy. It was maniacal and high pitched. Ronald made the boy wave the hand that was up his bum. Ronald the puppet followed.

He made himself and the boy move towards the centre of the room and savoured the seconds before the slaughter. Ronald turned to face the nearest girl. She smiled and Ronald knew it would be the last smile she would ever smile for the next second Ronald launched his mouth to her neck and sunk his polystyrene teeth into her arteries. Blood squirted out and screaming spread throughout the room. But it would be too late for them all. Ronald threw himself around the room – with Ronald-blond-boy as his sterring wheel and bit the necks of everyone in the room. When he finally had killed everyone but his owner, he stopped to admire his handiwork. The bodies lined every available space – blood decorated the walls. It was now just him and his owner. He stepped forwards and claimed the life of the owner he had hated so much.

~ by S.G. Mark on November 19, 2011.

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