Day 45 Whatever

Word count: 691




“Could you please point that thing away from me?” he said, staring down the gun barrel as if it were just
a packet of crisps being offered to him.

“Give me the money,” the armed man said, eyes shaded by Ray Ban’s and a bandana stretched across
his mouth.

“Listen, I don’t have time for this. I need to catch a train in about forty five minutes…” he checked his
watched and tapped the glass.

“Give me the money, or I’ll shoot.”

“Shoot what? With those glasses, it’s a wonder that you could successfully make your way about at this
time of night.”

The armed man strengthened his grip on the trigger and readjusted his aim threateningly. Terence
smiled at him from between his warm woolen hat and striped scarf.

Terence had been skipping along the street with his suitcase in tow when he’d been jumped by the
armed man. But he wasn’t at all frightened, indeed the only emotion he experienced was a slight
annoyance that he’d had to stop skipping and might be late for his train. He wasn’t a particularly
punctual chap, but he was rarely ever dramatically tardy and such a small delay could potentially
escalate into something else. He attempted to calm his nerves about missing his train by smiling. He did
this a lot and it made him really happy because he was at least smiling, no matter how bad the situation

“Pay up,” the armed man motioned with his hand.

“No. I won’t. But you will turn that gun away from me,” he looked the armed man dead in the eye and
focused hard. It was a skill that he had learned years ago when he was young.

At the age of six he was sitting in his tree house and smiling broadly over his miniature kingdom below.
His brothers had all gone away somewhere else and it was now just him and the peace and quiet. He
loved it. Being in full house was draining at times and to have the occasion like this take a break from
it all was not something he could reject. The branch that he was resting on overlooked the neighbour’s
window. It happened purely by chance, but he caught the eye of one of the neighbour’s inside. He
was barely thinking it, it was just a distant wish at the far unchartered seas of his mind. Terence really
wanted ice cream. It was a warm summer’s day – and nothing but a good dollop of chocolate ice cream
would help him cool down. Four and a half minutes later his neighbor was at the bottom of the tree with

three scoops of it in a bowl and a giant spoon sticking out of it.

From there he had learned to hone his skill, and to keep it on a leash. He would control his brothers,
make his dad do all his chores, have as much chocolates and sweets as he wanted. He’d persuade
people to side with him in arguments, ensure that someone else did his homework for him. But By the
age of sixteen he was tired of controlling everyone as he pleased, and promised himself that from that
point he would always allow the option of free-will to be given first before he ever used his powers

That was the reason he asked the armed man to lower his weapon. As he hadn’t, Terence had no choice.

“What are you doing old man?” the armed man asked, worry tipped over his tongue.

“I’m just taking away your free will.”

As he said those words, their minds forged and anything that Terence would think him to do would now
happen. Terence had thought briefly what he wanted the armed man to do, but there really wasn’t
much contest. He stepped up to man and grinned.

“I’m going to make you do something you’re going to hate…”

And with that, the armed man took off his sunglasses and threw them to the ground and walked calmly

~ by S.G. Mark on November 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day 45 Whatever”

  1. I thought Terrence might make the dude shoot him.

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