Day 46 – The Aftermath – James

I’m tired.


Word count: 527


James slammed the door shut behind him and sank back into its panelling.

“What a night,” he sighed with an inane smile plastered across his face.

From the kitchen his flatmate George poked his head out, “How did it go?”

Concern was etched slightly upon George’s face, but was soon wiped away by James’ response.

“Fantastic. She’s amazing. She’s gorgeous and amazing,” he hoisted himself from the floor and continued, “It was… It was… We had dinner, she had pasta, I had – no wait – we had starters! How could I forget the starters? She really enjoyed herself.. she really, really enjoyed herself I think.”

James wandered into the living room and fell on the sofa. It was cluttered with playstations and games, magazines and random collections of science fiction ornaments.

“So what did you guys talk about?”

“Everything…We just clicked, you know? I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like her. In fact, even when I did meet her the first time, I don’t think we got on this well? She seemed different to how she was at the party…She’s not the girl from the three months ago and I am so, so happy.”

“Wow, sounds like you guys got on really well,” George hung by the living room door and feeling less enthusiastic than his flatmate.

“I know what you’re thinking, though,” James said to George, “You think that I’m maybe being too optimistic?”

“Maybe a little, I mean it’s only been a date… and you know what you’re like with women…”

“George, why do you always have to be such a downer?”

“Because you haven’t had a date that’s gone well in over six years…”

“Well maybe that’s about to change? I can feel it. Call it a sixth sense, call it whatever… but I know that there’s something different about Olivia. We just get each other. There were no awkward silences like the last lot. There weren’t any forced laughing… and, and, guess what!”


“We’re going on a second date!”

“Seriously?” George smiled, “Nice one!”

From James’ pocket, his phone began to ring. When he took it out he saw Olivia’s name lighting up the display. His heart leapt. Had she run to declare her love, to say how wonderful it would be for them to be together?

“Hey,” he attempted coolness, “Olivia, how are you doing? I’m fabulous. Listen, are you busy tomorrow night? I mean if you want to meet up? We could go to the pub? About eight o’clock? Take care. Bye.”

James stared into open space and grinned even more than when he had first collapsed through the front door in sheer happiness. His emotions upon entry were now mellow when compared to the g-force his heart was feeling now. It was happening, finally happening. A girl that he liked that was genuinely interested in him. Could it be? Could she be the one? From the corner of his eye he saw George’s eyes wide open, jaw slightly hanging in disbelief.

“And that, sir, is how it’s done,” he laughed as he withdrew his pack of cards from his inner jacket pocket. “Game of Magic?”

~ by S.G. Mark on November 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day 46 – The Aftermath – James”

  1. I’m simultaneously laughing and cringing – even the inner jacket pocket detail 😛 Oh dear… 😛

  2. hehehe

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