Day 54 – The Regret

Word count: 602


Morning was serenaded with the sweet twittering of tiny birds darting around to find their fresh worms. The grey clouds of the day before had vanished and left in its wake a brilliant cobalt blue sky, laced with frost which twinkled in the morning light.
The promise of a new day lit up the city streets and brought hope to many who’d suffered at the hands of a sleepless night. Wrongs may be righted and broken hearts may be mended; there was no end to the power of a new day and as a sparrow landed on the windowsill, Christopher smiled at the prospect.
There was a few minutes left before Stephanie’s alarm clock would go off. Christopher knew the drill and knew exactly what he would need to do to ensure that she would be up and awake, ready to face the horror of another fucking day. She was sleeping peacefully and though his initial thoughts were to leave her sleeping, he could not deny the devious creature creeping out from behind his placid façade.
A few minutes later and the alarm was finally blaring out some harsh tune that was both loud and discordant enough to wake the dead’s dead souls. But as Christopher plugged his ears with his fingers and as several dogs scarpered within a two kilometer radius, Stephanie remained entangled in her eiderdown, as still as a stone. It only after a further four seconds that Christopher assessed the situation and made a judgment call that would affect the rest of his life.
He preyed upon the poor girl by stealing her covers. Casting them aside and looming down on her, looking as pleased at his achievement, he watched as the girl writhed in the fresh, cold morning air. She squealed and squeaked in a pathetic attempt to regain control of the covers, but they were too far from her reach now. Christopher smiled jovially, blissfully unaware of what chain of events he had started.
When Stephanie was still not beginning to wake, he pulled open the curtains and let the fierce sunlight pour in to down the girl in the vibrancy of the morning. Stephanie wailed in seeming pain, but Christopher ignored her pathetic attempts to continue to sleep. She reached out a hand over to the hair dryer In an attempt to create herself some warmth.
Christopher snatched it from her fingertips and she recoiled in fear. He attempted to drag her from the bed by grabbing her arm, but she reacted like a dead weight and whimpered like a dying mouse. Stephanie was so heavy Christopher could barely move her. She tried to lever her off with a nearby guitar but to no avail. It was as if she had died from the sheer repulsion of having to get up so early.
The thought then occurred to him to check her pulse and as he did so he noticed that she was eerily cold. Fingers around her wrist, he could not feel a definite pulse. He switched to her neck and felt slightly panicked for he could not feel one there either. She flopped out of his arms like a dead fish as a sharp pain struck his forearm. He pulled his sleeve up to reveal writing seemingly written in his own blood as a pair of scissors had carved into his skin. Panic and fear hit him as he read what was written.
“You woke me so early you killed me. So I will haunt you so that you never sleep again.”
Christopher instantly regretted taking the covers now.

~ by S.G. Mark on November 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day 54 – The Regret”

  1. I love this! So funny!

  2. Hahaha and I would do it all again.

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