Day 57 – The Flu Bug

I’m ill and I thought about what it was like for the little bugs inside of me, making me feel like shit.

Word count: 669

It was the type of being to squelch through it’s disgusting existence. His parents and their parents before him had brought him up to be a lazy, layabout sponger. There was no cure for this, the most sinful of diseases. From birth he was born into an environment that believed that other people would provide for him and as he grew into adulthood, this principle remained strong.

It was December. The air was cold and chilly. Christmas was on the horizon and the decorations were being prepared by councils throughout the country. But for Henry, Christmas had come early. An adult now, he was grown up and responsible. He was a father already, with his wife dreaming of more to come. They were a happy family unit. Henry did not really mind that he had become a father young. His parents were very proud of him – especially since the first pregnancy had been triplets. From there, his family had grown into a fantastic assortment of screaming, fast growing, hungry children and a steadfast wife with a heart of gold.

However, Henry and his wife Francesca, were growing tired of their home. They wished to move to somewhere different – perhaps a warmer climate; a more humid, temperate zone. Maybe they fancied somewhere a bit more up-market, or somewhere they could retire in and live out the rest of their days. Henry could not deny that life’s finality was not plaguing his mind. He was by no means old, but his better days were most certainly behind him. Soon he would no longer be as fit as he would like; he would lose his job to someone younger, someone more efficient and charming. Henry knew that their time was fast approaching over, and their era of their children was just around the corner.

After a few hours, Henry and Francesca decided that they would move – and within a matter of twenty four hours they did. In one great leap of faith, they had packed up their belongings – waved a tearful farewell to their parents and siblings and set out on their own fantastic adventure.

Their new home was a lot warmer, though smaller, than their old place. But what it lacked in size, it made up in heat. It was the perfect place for Henry and Francesca’s libido to ignite. Very soon Francesca was pregnant and had given birth once more. But the eldest of their children were also growing restless, and were now preparing to flee the nest.

But Henry wanted to make one last special night together, as a complete family. Together, they made the most fantastic party. There was coughing and spluttering, there was a fever and a chilly sensation. The most excitable of their children ensured that the muscles were aching – and Henry felt proud that they had inherited their father’s skill.

Though, Henry looked back on that night in his final moments before death, that night was tempting fate. So good was their party – so vibrant and so populated – that it spelt their demise. By morning they could feel the paracetamol ebbing away at their life force like a tide upon a cliff-face. Francesca miscarried and the youngest and weakest were taken by morning. Their eldest, seeing members of their family dying by the minute, looked back on their parents and shook their head. Henry looked at his wife and they knew exactly what to do. They smiled back at their children and watched them leap off into the unknown, to start a new life somewhere else.

Henry knew he had made the right decision. He could not watch his entire family wiped out by this painkiller. He knew it was too late for him, for their youngest and within a matter of days it was just him and Francesca admist a mass grave of their children.

Henry held his wife in his arms, knowing the end was close, and braved the last dose of Lemsip as it washed over them like a tsunami.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 3, 2011.

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