Day 59 – The Hostage Situation

Dedicated to our lovely Landlady – affectionately known as “Crabs”.

Word count: 586

The gun was poised – aim and trajectory of the prospective bullet directly at her head.

“We won’t ask you again,” her capture threatened once more.

It was the height of winter. During the middle of the night, she had been whisked away by six angry figures in black. They had thrown her into the back of a van and had bound her hands before speeding off. It had been miles, maybe, they had driven. Ellen could not tell. The darkness was suffocating. She did not cope well in tight spaces.

An hour, maybe more, and she found herself being extracted from the van – man handled and thrown around like a rag doll. She felt like a second class citizen; as if her rights had been stolen from her; as if her basic human rights were being neglected and ignored.

Ellen had not yet began to panic. Although she had been kidnapped and taken to an unknown location, she felt that there was no reason – yet – to panic. The abandoned warehouse may have contained several hundred rats that in turn were inhabited by several thousand diseases and her captures may be threatening her with violence, guns and threats of death, but she had managed to thus far keep her cool and not to react to anything of what they were saying.

Quite what they would want with her she did not know. Ellen was not the daughter of some rich banker; she did not know of any secrets worth knowing; there were no spies in her network of friends; it could not even be a case of mistaken identity as she did not even appear the type to be vaguely wealthy or of higher social standing.

She was a chain smoker former alcoholic with a warped view on the way society worked. She had two children, neither of which remained in contact with her. Her skin was not so much taught, but taught how not to look after themselves. At aged forty-five, she was the perfect picture of a woman ready to retire and be eligible for her bus pass.

So throughout the travelling ordeal, she had no idea why she might have been taken. However, as she was thrown to the floor by her captures, and their demands were thrown across the room at her, the panic in her blood began to boil and simmer. She now knew exactly what they wanted. It was not the location of an unknown piece of curios; it was not a ransom demand in which her life was at stake; it was not a case of mistaken identity after all. Indeed, for Ellen, it was something even more frightening.

They were asking for money.

Not just throw-away money. Not just forty thousand in cash, suitcase by the canal and a series of secret phone calls. This was worse; this was the jackpot in monetary scares. This was the very thing that she had believed herself allergic to. And then it suddenly dawned on her why there were six of them.

“For the final time, Crabs, we want the roof leak fixed, we want a decent boiler, we want the drainpipes to be cleared, we want a decent washing machine, we want proper electrics, we want the bathroom repaired, we want basic repairs to be carried out and finally… we want our rent to be adjusted to account for the loss in services that you, as our landlady, have failed to provide us.”

Ellen narrowed her eyes, “No! Never!”

~ by S.G. Mark on December 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Day 59 – The Hostage Situation”

  1. BANG! 😉

    Brilliant. Love it. It’s like therapy to read and no doubt therapy to write.

  2. Beautiful, a tear in my eye.

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