Day 61 – The Thief

Word count: 547

It was the crime of all crimes. It was worse than murder; worse than mass murder; worse than all the disgusting possible combinations a millionaire could dodge his tax responsibilities. There was no justifiable explanation for it and this was not a victimless crime.

With all the power and rage of a million candles, she stared down at the scene of the crime and attempted to comprehend what had just happened. There were stains everywhere. There were marks – tears where they had attempted to break in. There was nothing left but fragments; not even the carcass remained. Gemma could not begin to imagine the psychopath that had done this. She felt sick – sick to the pit of her stomach and beyond. No human – could have done this. Whoever it was an animal; a emotionless creature without an iota of empathy or understanding of their actions. No human alive would have been able to carry through with the crime had they thought for one moment about what they were about to do.

Gemma was stone cold and her mind was frozen. She could spare no tears; the events were too raw, too near to her heart. But there would be time to weep and to grieve later, for there was another matter on her mind that was rapidly beginning to win out against the shock and horror plaguing her mind. It fed off the concoction of emotions that were stirring in her; it sucked on her despair and ravaged her rage. With every passing minute it grew stronger and stronger into a more and more powerful beast.

It would hunt them down. It would scour the land until they had been caught and it would pick them apart one string of flesh at a time. There was no room for restraint in her revenge. Just as the psychopath did not spare her from her own torment, she would not let him rest for a second during her turn to destroy his life.

Gemma, steely and robotic like, searched the crime scene for evidence. As she investigated, she saw yet more evidence of the horrific crime – more stains, debris and the odd piece smeared across the desk. Though her hands were shaking, her mind was as rigid as a rock and at last her search efforts were proven not to be in vain. Under the desk she had found a pen. It was no ordinary pen – it was not that or a biro or felt tip. It was a Mont Blanc. It was shiny, probably solid silver with a fountain tip. Gemma picked it up and stroked it in her hand as she brought it up close to her eyes so that it was the only thing she could see. She twirled it around in her fingers until she found the inscription. There were just two initials: TP.

Gemma crushed the pen in her hand. She knew exactly who it belonged to. The puzzle was now all falling into place. Soon, there would be nowhere for TP to hide. Gemma was going to track him down and ring his neck. There would be no rest for this purely wicked soul; the destroyer of worlds; the bringer of pain; the sickest and most foul being of them all: a chocolate thief.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 7, 2011.

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