Day 62 – No Data

I had no time, I’ve had 3.5hrs sleep, I’m tired and it could have been so much better.

Word count: 675

“What do you mean you don’t know? We have to know!”

“I’m telling you, it’s not there, there’s nothing!”

“And we’re the only ones -?”


Questions and yet more questions were flying across the room like a mass championship of table tennis. The studio was in a complete state of pandemonium. Memos and sticky notes were being thrown at people and plastered over shelves, desks, mugs and camera crews. There was not a single person who was not on the phone, in deep argument, threatening panic or attempting to formulate an excuse. However, under the current circumstances, there was very little potential for a valid excuse that did not conspicuously stray towards lying.

No one knew what had happened or why; simply that it was happening. Out there beyond the studio, thousands of listeners and viewers would be awaiting their evening news stories. Today they would not receive a single one. There was no news today. There was nothing. Within the last hour only static had been transmitting worldwide. There was no radio, there was television. Everything had gone blank. It took only a matter of seconds for it to happen, but it had taken much longer for anyone to realise.

Meanwhile everyone launched into their respective panic modes to try and resolve the situation. Some fell whilst others triumphed, or at least bit back the palpitations and got on with it. Throughout the world entire networks fell – they had nothing to broadcast. The third world war might have started; aliens could have landed; Scotland might have won the football world cup, but there was no way of knowing. The world was in the dark. Save one shining beacon of light.

Steve grasped the armrests of his seat tight. He grinned his dental perfect smile in practice for what was about to begin. Deep within his botoxed head, his braincells mounted for battle. He would have to deliver every line correctly. There was no margin for error. The entire world would be watching him: this was his moment, his time to shine and bask in the glory that could follow.

This was the only studio in the entire globe that had access to any news. Everywhere else was completely cut off – but the word was quickly spreading that this one channel had access. Steve gulped and imagined the millions, possibly billions, of people that would leaning on his every word.

Steve tried to control his breathing. In and out. The report could not last more than five minutes. It would be short. The weather would most likely be included.

From behind the array of cameras, the director signalled Steve that the countdown had begun. Silently cameraman’s hand counted down the seconds silently with his fingers. At zero, the aperture of the camera opened up wide and Steve knew that his slightly bemused expression was being displayed on billions of television screens through the world.

This was his time, he tried to force himself to remember. Steve stole the appropriate amount of time to gather his thoughts and clear his thoughts before returning his attention to the autocue.

The world was blank. There was no data; there was no news; there was only rough hearsay and even less fact. It was the biggest communication problem in the history of the globe to date. No one knew if it would take days, weeks or months to fix. It might even be years. There were thousands of top producers slamming phones down in an attempt to regain some semblance of control in their lives. But it was all lost; all lost at sea.

Which is why Steve was the most important man in the world and within the next five minutes, the world waited in anticipation to hear the world’s most exciting news; the world’s only piece of news.

“Hello and welcome to tonight’s programme. In Bolton this afternoon, a cat got stuck up a tree and the fire brigade had to be called out to attend the scene. After a traumatic few hours, Fluffy, was finally freed…”

~ by S.G. Mark on December 8, 2011.

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