Day 67 – In Virginia, they – Part 5… no 4… 6?

Disclaimer: any continuity errors can be accounted for the fact I haven’t written this series in over a month; I never read them; I was very, very hungover when I last wrote it and I am in food coma heaven right now.

Word count: 619

“Who the heck are you?” the four by four was rollicking through the hedgerows and cornfields, the engine revving at maximum torque.

“Name’s Karin!”

“Nice to meet you, Karin!” Tanya threw out a hand to their new acquaintance.

Karin accepted and shook it sternly.

There was something steely mechanical about this woman. The outfit, the mannerism. Everything was so executed and reliable. There was not even a tint of fear on her brow that she had just launched her car into a band of armed mad men. It was almost as if she had rescued people like that every day.

Jerry was cowered in the back-seat not letting his head rise even a little above the parapet for risk of exposing it to the enemy’s line of sight. But they were long gone. The speed and the power of the car was immense and in a matter of minutes they were clear, with Tanya’s father not being able to follow suit. They were free. Jerry tried and failed to bathe in the sunshine of their success. But there were too many unusual palpitations in his heart rhythms for him to be truly relaxed. Besides, no one could kick their heels back and enjoy the ride when all it consisted of was being thrown around like a sack of potatoes.

Karin was not the most considerate of drivers. Though her stomach seemed to care not for the trifles of g-force ditches and dodgy mud hills, Jerry’s did not quite have the same standards. He was going green, and trying not to think about the fate they had narrowly avoided was all he could do not to bring up the entire contents of his stomach. Neither of the girls seemed to take any notice of him.

“How long have you been resisting for?” Tanya was interrogating Karin with questions.

“A few months now. My husband was taken. I knew something was messed up. I hit the road – drove on out of here. Left poor Adam behind, but I know he’s alright… do you not think? All these townsfolks are alright.. deep down.”

Karin’s accent was strong. Jerry stifled a snobbish snigger.

“But you came back?”

“Yeah, about a week ago. Adam had gone. I think he’s been taken by them. I’ve just been living in our old cellar for the past few nights. It’s not as comfortable as my own bed, but it’s just not safe here any more.”

Karin drove up a particularly steep bump and the engine spun into a tantrum.

“Damn thing!” Karin shouted.

The engine made a slumping and slurring noise. Just at the top of the mound, there was a clunk and it kicked off into a full scale sending to Coventry and packed in. Karin pushed the throttle a few times, but looked on the verge to throttling it as the engine merely coughed back at her. She whacked the steering wheel and threw open the door, jumping out and revealing her short stature for the first time. Her ears were venting steam she was that furious. Kicking the giant front wheel, she screamed in frustration. This was not the calm and collected robotic like creature from before.

“What’s happening?” Tanya piped up eagerly from the passenger seat, squinting a concerned look towards Jerry.

“Bloody thing’s died. We’re going to have to walk the rest of the way.”

“How long is it?”

“About an hour by foot.”

“Well that’s alright, isn’t it?”

“Would be,” she pointed towards the West, “If that wasn’t setting.”

The three of them sat in quiet contemplation, watching the sun gently disappear behind the low hanging clouds of the evening, and each united in their shared fears and dreams.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 13, 2011.

One Response to “Day 67 – In Virginia, they – Part 5… no 4… 6?”

  1. I like how this is turning in to an adventure.

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