Day 69 – I Hate You Andy Cameron

Andy Cameron challenged me to write … this. It is entirely his fault.I also had to use the word “thrust” three times. And all because it’s Day 69.

Inspired by Mills and Boon, some random page of a dire novel I read in The Works last summer and the food porn industry that is Masterchef 2011.

Mum, Dad, I beg that you do not read further.

Word count: 627

They were at one with the brooding flower of their rampant love. Years of hypnotic glances across the far outstretching fields of their young desires were shattered under the cataclysmic forging of their two souls underneath the sheets. Zara’s mind was entirely Fenton’s and Fenton’s was entirely Zara’s. They were the Yin to each other’s Yang; one was the night to the other’s day; the dream to the other’s nightmare.

It was their first sunset together. Surrounding them the tall oak trees spiralled up from their knotted roots to twinkling stars above. They were alone. Their camp-fire burned as a testament to the emotions in their hearts. Their forbidden love that had tormented them for years was finally allowed to melt under their own body heat. As the two sat together, their strength of willpower crumbled. Fenton looked deep into Zara’s eyes and he knew that she was his. He had taken her hand and fell into her swimming beauty at her electrifying touch. Before they knew it they were intertwined on the forest floor, inhaling each other’s desire.

Above them the night enclosed them and sealed them inside their own reality. There was no time. Nothing existed outside the forest; they were the last humans in the entire world and nothing else mattered.

Zara had tears in her eyes. Fenton stroked her hair gently and pushed her back against the ground. They were tears of happiness and he knew they were for him. He savoured every tear for he felt their sting as they slipped from her eyes. It made him feel alive. Fenton unbuttoned her top and kissed her.

Their lust exploded into a galaxy of love and tenderness; an extra-bodily experience of eroticism interwove through their physical connection as Fenton thrust his wand of love further into her.

Zara rubbed her body deep against him and let her soul soften into his. The years of tension and frustration had finally been battered down and there was now nothing holding them back. This night was theirs and it would last forever if they let it.

Fenton ran his fingers along her naked side and felt his whole body tingle at her bare beauty. For years he had longed for this moment; countless nights he had spent dreaming of his maiden, whose fairness knew no boundaries.

The night worn on and Fenton continued to thrust his throbbing membrane until her cherry burst into a million flourishes of succulent coulis. But Fenton did not want her ecstasy to end there. Kissing her heaving bosom, he carefully kissed a trail of his love all over her soft naked skin. Fenton wanted Zara to feel his heart pounding inside his hot and sweaty chest. He wanted to touch her heart and to make it shine brighter than all the stars in the universe combined. Zara was his star, and he craved to be the one to elevate her into the land of the gods.

Before Zara could catch her breath, Fenton was delving further into his sensual volitions and caressed her cold body. The fire had burnt out. They had not noticed. Fenton needed to keep her warm. Zara clutched on to his warm body like a life-force. She could not let go. She could not live without him and she begged the gods for him never to leave.

Fenton sensed her thoughts and read the encapsulating arousals in her eyes. Kissing her deeply once more, he began to thrust his lust into her again and again until at last the morning light began to rise over the tops of the trees and night was broken into day.

Zara smiled as Fenton rolled beside her, dazzling in the after shock of the magic they had created.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Day 69 – I Hate You Andy Cameron”


    And not one throbbing membrane. I am so disappointed ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. ^ I detract my above statement. I was distracted by the coulis.

  3. Hahahaha wow weee

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