Day 71 – The Stork and The Crate

From a conversation involving the loaning out of Chrisy as an “On Demand” service. It’s very terrible as I was watching Misfits at the time…

Word count: 580

The world swept by beneath his talons as he floated high above in the clouds. The wild sea below interspersed by  volcanic peaks of submarine mountain ranges; white sandy shores decorated with delicate palm trees and white streaks as wave upon wave crashed against the rocky shores of some deserted island.

This was not a journey of migration that the stork was on. Peter the Stork was on a mission. The invoice tucked underneath his wing told him his point of destination. New Plymouth, New Zealand. In his large beak a rope had been tied and at the other end of the rope was a large, heavy crate. Upon every side of the crate large black army-style lettering had been stamped across diagonally. “DANGEROUS GOODS” it read.

Peter was slightly scared of the contents of the crate. He had not been told what was in it. No one had warned him that he what he was carrying today might be harmful. Could it have been a dangerous animal, could it be an alligator with big pointy teeth? Could it be a nuclear warhead, could it be a box of sharp knives or an evil robot killing machine?

Peter could not deny he wasn’t nervous about carrying  something that had the potential to kill him. Whilst he was flying over the Indian Ocean he was contemplating accidentally ditching his parcel. But there was a hefty cost for lost parcels – and he would be getting paid extra for delivering this parcel.

Land was fast approaching. Far below him the incoming tide was crashing against the rocky shore. It was dawn. Sunlight was bending over the curve of the earth and casting the world in a tremendous beauty. Peter swerved downwards and descended into the lower thermals, inhaling the calming sea air. The town sparkled below as the sun rose over the horizon and the tide glittered serenely.

Peter flew over the quiet little streets and neighbourhoods in search of the correct address. He would not be allowed to deliver the crate personally. Fed Ex were very strict on how he was allowed to deliver crates. He could only drop the crate off, ring the bell and fly off. Under no circumstances was he allowed to wait around and meet the recipient. But Peter was determined to break protocol on this one.

A red roofed little suburban terraced house with a pool in the backyard marked the address on his invoice. The weight of the crate was too heavy to merely drop from such a height so Peter spiraled his was right down to the ground and placed the crate right outside the front door. Peter made sure the crate was safely not going to fall over and then flew over and rung the doorbell. Peter then flew up and nestled on the roof directly above the front door and waited.

A few seconds later the door opened and a woman with long brown hair ran out with excitement to the crate. She tore open the latches that kept the dangerous beast within it locked inside. Peter watched with a mixture of anxiousness and excitement.

The girl slide the front side of the crate down and tore out the polystyrene wrapping. The girl giggled with excitement as the dangerous beast walked out of the box. It was short-ish, messy brown hair and wrapped in a red shirt. Around his neck was a sign – “Christopher Sands – On Loan for $7NZ for One Week.”

~ by S.G. Mark on December 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day 71 – The Stork and The Crate”

  1. haha thats me 😀 i love it so kool

  2. Hey!

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