Day 75 – The Passenger – Part 2

Part One available here

Sorry this is a bit short. I spent so long recategorising things in this site that I sort of lost energy. Day 75 should have been a bit better, possibly.

This story was turned into an amazing song by Chris Sands on his website,

Word count: 540

“I’ve been kidnapped. I’ve been kidnapped!”

“Just step on it and shut up!”

Kate slammed her high heeled courts on the accelerator and continued in her whimpering screams.

The man was laid back on the passenger seat looking all too relaxed. He’d wound down the window just a nudge and was basking in the gentle cooling wind. They were now scooting off down some highway out of the city. The sky scrapers were behind them. The morning sunshine and the aroma of fresh coffee were all but out of reach for Kate. There would be no morning check of her emails. There would be no adjusting of her borderline too-short skirt before the stride to the photocopier. There was certainly no more hope for a good girly gossip in the break out area for coffee and biscuits. Kate was trapped in a car with a mad man with a gun who was insisting that they drive and drive and drive…

“Stop jittering,” the man moaned.

Kate screamed at the sudden presence of his voice. It had been several miles since he had last spoken and she had slipped into a coma of panic and emotion. All she could think of was where her phone was. She needed to phone her darling, her hubby. It was in her handbag, in the backseat. Every fourth blink she tried to catch sight of it in the rear view mirror.

“I’m not jittering!”

“Yes you are!” he pointed at her, laughing, “You’re vibrating like a tester product in a sex shop!”

“I’ve got a gun in my face!”

“It’s nowhere near you anymore – look!” he raised his right arm which held the gun from underneath his jeans. “And stop trying to judge whether or not you can get to your handbag to get your cell phone. I already nicked it at that junction you took twenty minutes ago.”

Kate glowered at her kidnapper. He was rugged, dirty and unshaven. Kate questioned the last time he had taken a shower and heavily doubted that it had been within the last three days.

“Thursday, alright? Thursday was the last time I showered,” he raised his legs up on to the dashboard and lay back. He appeared as if he were going to rest his eyes for a short while.

“How on earth? What the?” Kate was lost for words at his mind reading skills.

“No, I can’t read your mind, but you’ve been constantly been giving me a dirty look since I first got in this car, and what with your pretty little picture that is yourself, I figured that it probably would be that,” he explained, eyes shut and very laid back.

“How dare you presume…” Kate, despite the scenario, was astonished at the cheek of the man for making these wild assumptions.

“Listen honey, just drive until the place I told you to drive to,” eyes still shut, he pointed vaguely in the direction they were heading.

“And you’re going to sleep?”

He nodded and grunted.

“What makes you think I won’t just drive to the police station?”

“Because somewhere, underneath that mini skirt that’s tight across the ass, beneath those pretty little black high heels and polished nails, I don’t think you’re stupid…”

~ by S.G. Mark on December 21, 2011.

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  1. Wooo read it.

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