Day 78 – Defenestration – Ineluctable – Emollient

My brother challenged me to include the words in the title.



Word count: 781



The first snowflake of the winter was relinquished from the autumn sky’s tight grip and spiralled down through the layers of cloud down through the intertwining branches and leaves of the thick forest to land on the delicate hair of the girl that stood barefoot, looking at the hole in the ground.

It was a curious hole. It was like cave, except clearly man made; though it appeared to have been there for some time as moss had all but covered the boulders that acted as a camouflage. Many layers of leaves from many years’ worth of autumns had collected around the hole. The emollient mud squelched between her toes and she felt that bit closer to the cold earth than she had ever felt before that day. Her long dress flowed across her body like a waterfall. Julie seemed in soft focus, as if she were part of a hazy dream.

There was not much time left, she checked the height of the sun in fear. The forest was beginning to grow darker than she had imagined it would at this time. With no alternative route and the danger that had been chasing her for days was fast catching up. Julie bent to her knees and began shovelling mud and leaves out of the hole with her bare hands. Tiny bugs and squirming worms wriggled from her piles of earth. Her delicate fingernails were now stained with blackened dirt.

After a few minutes she had carved a sizeable chunk out of the hole. It was now wide enough to fit her entire body. Only faith guided her to believe the tales that something would lie at the bottom of this cave. Closing her eyes tightly, she crouched on to her backside and slide herself down into the hole. The mud melted into her skin and slimed all the way along her back as she edged her way down. Darkness descended like a curtain and shrouded her as she waved a farewell to daylight above her.

Julie’s feet hit something hard. Rock. Though she could not see a single thing, she knew she had reached the bottom. There was now no going back. The path ahead of her was ineluctable.

Fumbling around in the dark she found the edge of a stone wall. On either side of here a stone wall had been made out of stones seemingly rounded by the nearby river. Guiding herself through the tunnel, the stones promised to lead her far from the evil that had been tormenting her trail.

Within the tunnel, she only had the sound of her breath as company. Her feet were sliding over the rocks and mud and occasionally she felt the glare of two eyes burning a target on the back of her neck. Julie dared not turn around to confirm her fears.

At last the tunnel started to ascend. Stone steps had been made into a sort of spiral staircase and with each ascension more daylight poured into her retinas. More moss was growing around these stones, just like the ones at the opposite end of the tunnel. She clutched the cold stone to aide her climb. By the time she was at the top she was low on oxygen.

Regardless, her breath would have been taken away from her when she stepped into the grand hall that had been carved out of the rock in front of her. Julie had stepped into another cave, from which this magnificent room had been created from. Great stone pillars ran down from the astoundingly carved ceiling and enormous windows had been etched out of the bare cliff face to the right. Vines and wild flowers grew everywhere. It was a lost palace, a forgotten world.

Julie staggered around the room. She could not believe her eyes. This was a magical place. But a sudden noise distracted her from her wonderment.

Julie reeled around to witness her fate unfolding. Her deadly foe appeared from the very staircase that she had just climbed. Within seconds he had traversed the room and grabbed her by the throat. There was no time to contemplate the end. He dragged her neck first towards the majestic windows and hovered her body half over the precipice.

The man edged his hand around from her throat towards her chin and strengthened his grip. Petrified, Julie knew her exactly where her fate would lie now. There was only one exit and as she gave in to his murderous strength, he threw her backwards, defenestrating her. Her body fell backwards in an almost slow motion and before she knew it, the world went black as her body splattered on the rocks below.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 24, 2011.

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  1. Hahahaha brutal.

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