Day 83 – Night Out

Word count: 641



Night out tonight. Night out with the girls and the guy. There’d be lots of cocktails and bubbly, fine dining and laughter. It would be one of those magical nights that you see in Hollywood where there would aren’t any hysterics over dress sizes and inelastic materials, over clashing handbags, make up disasters, snagged tights, drooping bras, mis-matched underwear and the odd rebellious hair on the legs or underarm. This was going to be a proper night out to remember, if only Ellie could be bothered.

It was getting late. There would be maybe a window of around ten minutes to umbrella any delays or mishaps. Ellie was lying in bed, time ticking away as normal despite her best efforts in denial. She was exhausted. She wanted to go out, but she could not be done with the make up hassles and the dress selection. Instead, she sat by her computer and stared vacantly at the empty words. It was drinks with the girls. Maybe they didn’t care? But then the guilt shifted in her like a waking gerbil, perhaps she should look her best in public? Ellie stared across at the mountain of make up and hair accessories stuffed into her drawers and her energy levels dropped at the sight.

She would definitely need to have a shower to look good. She would need to cleanse and to tone and to varnish. Exfoliating would need to be squeezed into that schedule somewhere, too. Phase one of the foundation would need to be applied by twenty past so that first phase of eyeliner and shadow could go on. The second phase would need to be applied by quarter to at the very latest. Hair would need to be curled and picked into place simultaneously. A bit of lipstick too, for good measure. Ellie was single, there was all the chance she could meet a man tonight. Post-make up scenarios would include dress, skirt or top selecting. For either style campaign, a pair of shoes would be required and their comfort levels assessed to match the available pain-relieving methods as well as the mood of the night. Low heels for friends, high for men .That was the way that Ellie always calculated it.

Whilst her mind was formulating all these tactics and decisions, Ellie was still sitting happily and quite cozily in bed. What were the benefits of getting dressed up? Would anyone really notice or care that much? Perhaps she might catch the eye of some potential suitor – did that really happen nowadays, anyway?

Eventually, Ellie slipped out of her eiderdown and stood in the middle of her room not looking as if she quite knew what to do with herself. She indecisively turned towards the wardrobe. Attached to the wardrobe was a long full length mirror. She could see her entire body in it. She frowned. She was in her unattractive comfortable pajamas. Was it even possibly to transform that into Cinderella? From the reflection, she saw the time in her alarm clock. Twenty to. She had on chance. If she dolled up to normal standards, she’d be late by at least an hour.

Screw it, she thought. She pulled off her pajamas and took some jeans and a random top from her wardrobe. She brushed her hair lightly. There was not a trace of make up on her skin. Her nails were bitten down to the skin and sprayed on some deodorant instead of perfume.

                That’ll do, she complimented herself.

Phone, wallet, keys, she left the house and hailed a taxi. Big night or not, she felt more at home in her jeans and t-shirt than high heels and a little black number. At least her trainers didn’t give her blisters and her mascara wouldn’t run in the rain that had just begun to gently patter on the pavement.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 29, 2011.

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