Day 84 – The Tulip

Title courtesy of Mr Derek Brown.


Word count: 789

Lucy woke with a start. Her morning alarm had not gone off, but she her internal body clock had automatically woken her, though there was no real need on a Saturday. She did not have any major plans for the day. It was going to be a nice relaxing day. She would be able to cleanse her body from the hardships of the nine til five life by having a long soak in her bathroom and smothering her skin in a fine lather of body creams and moisturisers. Lucy wanted no disturbances in the hours before her big date. Lucy had a new man in her life. He was charming, sweet, generous and above all dashingly handsome. They had met by chance – a once in a lifetime opportunity that saw them smash into each other as they were running in opposite directions at a corner. Rich had made her drop her shopping and offered to pay for another shop. She declined, but took his number instead. A few days later they had met up for drinks and it was… Lucy was smiling in bed just thinking about it. She couldn’t believe how amazing he was. It was as if he could read her mind and had figured out the perfect man for her and played him perfectly. A second date followed – and promptly by a third. Tonight would be their fifth date. It was dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant. There’d be soft music and a rustic ambience. She was still smiling in bed, but it was time to get up. In the kitchen, she made a fresh cup of coffee from her machine. Her apartment was modern and simplistic. Lucy did not have any clutter lying around. Her life was neat and contained in cupboards and compartments. It made her happy. Inhaling in the toxic aroma of caffeine, she cradle the cup in her hands and stole in the view from her living room window. Her apartment was part of a high sky scraper in the inner-city of Manhattan. She was a New Yorker, born and bred, but she would never tire of this view. The bay sparkled in the morning sunshine. Far down below the streets crawled with the tiny creatures that were her fellow New Yorkers. And deep beneath the ground the subway grumbled as it transported the thousands upon thousands of those tiny creatures around the city. There was a knock at the door. As she went to answer it, she wondered who it might be as she had not been expecting anyone. Lucy opened the door to a delivery man. He presented her with a clipboard to sign and a long, narrow box. Curious, she thanked the delivery man and took the parcel into her living room. Unwrapping it, Lucy found that she had been a single yellow tulip. Her heart melted into a soppy goo of contentment. A wide smile grew right up to her cheekbones. Just then, the phone rang. She picked it up immediately, grinning with glee when she saw the name on the display. “Hey!” “Hey, how are you?” masculinity dripped from his voice. “I’m great. I’m… just great,” she replied, finding it hard to speak over her smile. “I’m really, really looking forward to tonight,” he said. “Me too. And I love the flower you sent me. It just this minute got delivered.” “Flower?” “Yes, the single tulip… I love it. Thank you.” “I didn’t … oh….” He cut off. Lucy immediately called him back, but was directed straight to voicemail. She tried again but to the same conclusion. Something heavy weighed down her heart. It was a sick feeling that her brain had been trying to deny for a number of seconds now, but it was growing stronger and heavier by the millisecond. Lucy put down her phone and scooped up the box the flower had been delivered in. Inside there was a small card. Flipping the box over, she allowed the card to fall to the floor. Catching it mid-air, she quickly recognised the writing on the card. To Julia, sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. Love Rich. The weight in her heart dropped and took her gut with her. But her wrought-iron anger did not fail her. Traversing her living room to the cupboard where she stored all her miscellaneous junk, she took from a drawer a box of matches. Grabbing the flower en route, she walked over to the living room window and opened it. Unceremoniously, she lit the match and ignited the tulip in a ravenous flame. Smiling with a slight sense of relief, she chucked the burning flower out the window and watched it rain down ash on the street below.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 30, 2011.

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  1. brutal.

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