Day 85 – Monsters under the Bed

Happy New Year?

Word count: 875


“Tom!” his mother called to him from downstairs.

Tom was under his bed, hiding.

“Tom, Tom it’s almost midnight!”

Tom kept quiet, as still as a mouse. The monsters would see him if he even dared breathe. Big slimy monsters, with sharp pointy teeth.

A shadow moved across his room. Tom froze in fear. Would it be the big one or perhaps the little spikey one? As the shadow moved slyly out the door, Tom shuffled further back. At the age of nine, he’d learned bravery and ferociousness; but these monsters were way beyond what Tom had experienced.

When he was seven, he’d fought a bear. A big huge fierce bear with sharp claws and evil eyes. Three months later he had conquered the poltergeist in his cupboard and fought the gremlin in his attack. By the time he was eight, he thought he feared nothing. He was wrong.

“Tom, Tom where are you?”

His mother called to him. It was way past his normal bedtime. But it was a special occasion. It was that time of year where marvellous boxes were wrapped in sparkly paper and tied with ribbon and decorated in bows. That was a few days ago now. Today was the day that the year ended and tomorrow would be the day a new one began.

Tom did not want to move. He quivered underneath his bed. Since he had slain the beasts that lived under here, he was no longer scared of the area under his bed. Ironically, this was the last safe place he knew of in the house. The monsters were everywhere. They were creeping across the kitchen and crawling all over the walls. They were patrolling the stairs and lurking in cupboards, corners and crevices.

“Thomas Michael, where are you?” his mum was now on the landing, “Where are you?” she repeated to herself.

From between the floor and the bed, Tom could see his mothers feet and ankles. She was just outside his room now. But she wouldn’t be able to see him and he could not risk revealing himself. Nothing could distract him from his task at hand.

The only way Tom could rid the house of the monsters was to get to the bathroom. Inside there, he would then have to find The Device.  But first, he needed a straight run to the bathroom. It was at the other end of the top floor landing to his room. There were too many monsters to battle en route. He would need to be covert. He would need to be a secret agent. He would need to move like the wind and run like a horse, or something that moved really quickly.

But Tom was prepared. For the past twenty minutes he had been watching: watching and taking notes. He had worked out their patrol patterns. He had figured out their strengths and weaknesses, he had fathomed where they would be at certain times and how fast they could chase him. All he had to do now, was wait for the perfect opportunity to run.

As the big hairy one trampled out of his room, dragging his heavy club behind him, Tom knew it was time. Just as the club slipped out of sight, Tom rapidly crawled out from under his bed and jumped to his feet, crouching. In precisely two seconds he needed to be running – before the green monster perched on his windowsill would be alerted to his presence. One and a half… one… GO!

Tom dived out of the room – socks slipping on the hard wood floor, and slid across the hallway, silently and slickly. He had past the major hurdle of the staircase – the monsters they were too busy bickering to notice his spy-agent shadow cross their path. He flew past his parents bedroom – but his footing slipped and knocked the table that held his mother’s vase. It shook and rocked on the spot for a second before tumbling to the floor and smashing into a thousand million pieces. Tom stopped in panic. Turning around, he heard the monsters running towards him before he could see them. Before they ran into view, he leapt to his feet and ran like a tiger towards the bathroom. He jumped up and flick on the switch by the door. The light was on. He could see The Device. All he needed to do was reach the dangling string to activate it and they would all be sucked from sight.

With all the faith and hope in the world, Tom steadied his feet and narrowed his eyes so that only his target remained in sight. He jumped up and grabbed the string, pulling it right down as he fell back to the ground. The Device was activated. The monsters were sucked out of the hallway and went rocketing through the air into The Device. The House was free. He had saved the day.

Victory his, he stamped on the floor in celebration. But as he danced around in excitement, he caught sight of his mother standing in the threshold of the bathroom, with a piece of her vase in her hand and looking immensely angry as some bells far in the distance chimed another New Year in.

~ by S.G. Mark on December 31, 2011.

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  1. hehehehe fun.

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