Day 86 – Whatever you do, don’t trust CHristopher Sands

Word count: 506

He acted very cute at first. In fact, he was very adorable. He acted all nice and mature. Little did I know what an awful, awful demon he was/. Christopher Sands. He was a devil. He was an evil, evil man. He was born under a full moon and then nothing improved since. He was a minion of the devil. He was made of fairies. He was a little angel and he was adorable. THere were hamsters out there that were less cute than him. In fact, he was so awesome, he started playing piono. Christopher was an amazing musician. He wrote a song every day. Currently he was searching for his psp. He had eaten all the sweets. he had eaten all the chocolate. Kerry was beautiful and sweet. Ken was horrible and predictable. Derek was playing piano. I was hiccuping. Christopher Sands had hiccuped for three years. I was hiccuping for three hours. It would not stop. I had drank water, i Had eaten cucumbers and potatoes. I couldn’t breathe. hiccups. The man who had survived that and worse just mocked. me. I was going to kill him. I was going to take his psp and burn it. I was going go to drown it, to smother it in flames and to cast it into the hell that was eternal flame.

I had hit the two hundred and twenty two word limit. I was impressed. Chritsopher had started his song. It sounded like it was a porn. Derek was still looking for something to play. Ken  was nursing Kerry the way a good boyfriend should. Derek was looking awesome in a coat. Christopher lied and said he did not had hiccups. I knew there were unicorns though. I knew. I knew everything. I knew his mind. i knew the way he worked, the way he rolled. He was a lean, mean fat-reducing machine. I knew that talking to him meant that I could fly. He was magic, you see, he was more magic than a flower or a slug or a leprachaun.

And then a unicorn appeared and destroyed them all. It took out its machine gun and with fury and all its might, rampaged throughout the galaxy that it would see its revenge for Christopher had destroyed Kerry’s family and Kerry needed revenge, just as Steph did. But she was still hiccuping and still trying to breathe correctly. Christopher was no where to be seen. Perhaps he had gone to Mars, perhaps he was playing blues guitar and humming to R.L Burnside. Who could tell? It needed to be other. It needed to be finished.

Steph needed to get rid of her hiccups first and foremost. She needed to hold her breathe and to stop playing guitar. I had been so long since Derek had picked up a guitar. He was enjoying it like it was his first day at school. He was the big man. He was Mister Cool. He was the man that they all needed and wanted to be. But then something happened and then a nuclear explosion all blew them all up and that was the end.

~ by S.G. Mark on January 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day 86 – Whatever you do, don’t trust CHristopher Sands”

  1. Personally I think it’s some of your best work 😉

  2. Oh My!

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