Day 86 – The Day That Chrisy Got His Favourite Musical Instrument

This an apology for calling Chrisy the devil/evil, evil man/minion of the devil.


Word count: 540



Christopher was a lovely man. He was very kind and very generous. He had a girlfriend that was really, really grateful for everything that he had ever done for her and she hoped that she expressed her appreciation to the full extent of her feelings.

Christopher woke up one morning. It was quite an ordinary morning. The sunlight streamed in through his window and blinded him. He wriggled around on the sofa  – where he slept – to hide from the daylight. But there was no denying it. At half past one, he really should wake up and prepare himself for the day. Little did he know that today would be quite an extraordinary day, though.

After his shower, he – being the amazing boyfriend that he was – made him and his girlfriend some tea and toast. They enjoyed it and devoured it with much vigour. After a morning of lovely things – watching films and more tea and Chritopher’s mother making an amazing meal (as she always does) – Christopher’s girlfriend smiled to herself because she knew what would be happening later that evening.

For weeks she had been planning this. She had found it on the internet and had arranged a special delivery to be sent at exactly seven o’clock that night. At half six, Christopher went to go write his song for the day. He picked up his guitar and crawled into his muse, preparing himself for creation. Christopher always made great songs, even on his off-days. Even his girlfriend secretly liked the House Music song from the early days of his project – but she made sure that he would never find this out, else he would never let it go.

By quarter to, he already recording the first of his riffs on his PSP. His girlfriend could not wait to see his face when the package arrived. As he was fathoming out the first few notes of his guitar solo – simultaneously thinking about possible lyrics – there was a knock on the door. Christopher barely looked up from  his PSP as his girlfriend went to answer the door.

The courier handed her a huge cardboard box with FRAGILE written all over it in big black lettering. She thanked the courier and brought the big package back into the room. It was only then that Christopher looked up to see that his girlfriend had left the room at all. He saw the box and smiled, asking what it was.

“This is for how lovely you are,” she said.

Christopher approached the box apprehensively. ripped open the top of it and dug out the millions of little polystyrene bits and bubble wrap that had kept it safe in its journey. Then he pulled out the most amazing thing in the entire world.

It was part saxophone, part guitar, part violin, part trumpet, part cello, part drum, part bongo, part piano, part bassoon, part harmonica, part theremin, part bass guitar, part musical recording machine. It had too many strings to count. It had too many dials to even contemplate. It was the ultimate of all ultimate instruments.

Christopher tore it from its box and ran around the room with glee – promptly sitting down, cross legged, to begin his first song with his amazing new instrument.


The End.

~ by S.G. Mark on January 2, 2012.

One Response to “Day 86 – The Day That Chrisy Got His Favourite Musical Instrument”

  1. Hehehehehe love it 🙂

    I knew you loved the house music.

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