Day 90 – Gemini – Part 1

I didn’t really think this one through. Started writing this around 11.15pm and got distracted by other stuff throughout.

Word count: 805


“I hate you!” he screamed, slamming the door behind him as he dived to the comforting shores of his bed.


A soft moonlight streamed through the smallest of gaps in his curtains, blessing the room with a beautiful gloss of nostalgia to night time camp fires and toasting marshmallows; to endless nocturnal snowball fights and creating snow ghosts in the ground. From his bed, Dylan could see a sliver of a starry sky. He shut his eyes and imagined all the constellations: Orion, The Plough and Perseus too. He knew them all from countless dark summer nights spent out with his dad.

But it had been ages since he had lain down on the lawn and looked up at the universe. It was just he and his mum now. She would not let him out after dark and she did not like to play snowballs or let him climb trees in the forest out the back.

Dylan had just thrown his plate at his mum. She had not been listening to him. All she did was think about herself. It made him angry; she made him angry.

Burying his head in his pillow, Dylan struggled to hold back the tears. He sobbed. He wished he were somewhere else. Somewhere where there were no rules and no school; somewhere magical, where there was no such thing as impossible or can’t. Tonight, he just wanted to pack his bags and leave. But he was only ten and he had nowhere to go.

Somewhere outside an owl hooted and a car far in the distance drove past. Both comforted Dylan in his rage. Downstairs, he could hear his mum scraping plates and running the tap, no doubt cleaning up the mess he’d made. He had not eaten a single thing on his plate. He was not hungry and she would not accept it. She would not let him make his own mind up, his own decisions. She never did.

Dwelling on it only made him angrier, though, and so he tried to focus on the relaxing hooting from the owl outside. This owl visited frequently. Sometimes he would see it fly past his window and glide like an angel across the adjacent field.

He could hear the stairs creaking. His mum must be coming upstairs. From the crack underneath his door, he could see two shadows. They hesitated a moment and Dylan thought he heard his mum breathing on the other side of the door. But the shadows suddenly began to dwindle and disappear. Dylan sighed and something inside him wriggled and writhed like an animal. He was not really sure what it was.


Dylan suddenly jumped. He paused, waiting to see if he had just been imagining someone whispering.


There it was again. It seemed to becoming from under his bed. He was petrified. He had no brothers or sisters to be hiding under the bed. He was too old to believe in monsters under the bed that would gobble him up if he let a foot out of the duvet.

“Who’s there?” he whispered back, holding his breath in fear.

“It’s me!”

The voice sounded oddly familiar, though he could not think who it might be.

“I’m under the bed!”

Dylan leant over the bed with trepidation. Slowly and very carefully, he lowered his head over the edge.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“I gotta go!” the voice hissed at him.

“Wait!” Dylan whispered back.

“Dylan,” his mum called to him from the other side of his door.

“Dylan, can I come in?”

But she did not wait for an answer, as usual, and pushed the door open.

“What are you doing?” she asked, seeing her son peering over the edge of his bed for seemingly no good reason.

“Nothing,” he said, maintaining his grumpy tone from earlier. He sat himself back down on the bed and stared down as his hands.

His mum came further into the room and sat at the edge of the bed. She sniffed a few times.

“I’m sorry, Dylan,” she said, weakly.

The animal in Dylan’s stomach squirmed again, but he still could not understand what it was wanting.

“I wish we wouldn’t fight,” his mum continued, putting one hand on his leg and rubbing it. “We never used to fight…”

Dylan had nothing to say.

“Let me know when you’re hungry, and I’ll make you something else, okay?”

Dylan nodded. His mum got up and left the room, but as she closed the door behind her Dylan thought he saw a reflection in the window out of the corner of his eye; a bright blue light of some sort. But when he turned to look directly, all he could see was the strong smile of Jupiter glimmering just above the tree outside his window.


~ by S.G. Mark on January 5, 2012.

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  1. I like it 🙂

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