Day 96 – Twelve Seconds

Word count: 526

A lot can happen in twelve seconds. People can die, people can fall in love. Rhythm can ignite a whole dance floor in that time and an answer can be found to a question. World’s can fall apart and men can turn nasty; moods can change and internet can cut off; people can get on trains and never be seen again. Goodbyes can be said in twelve seconds or twelve hours; either is painful. People can have twelve seconds to catch a bus and twelve seconds to get ready and head to work. A girl can describe their entire life problems in twelve days whilst a man could make her life in just twelve seconds.
Ed had twelve seconds but he was not getting down on one knee and he would not be getting up to dance the night away. He was not running to get to work, but he might be saying a goodbye. Ed did not know, though, that he only had twelve seconds.
He was banging on the bathroom door.
“Let me in! Please! Open this door!”
All he could hear was the sound of glass smashing and the rain-like sound of pills scattering across the sink. Jenny was in there, she had locked the door. Ed had been kicking the door and banging for about ten seconds now. She must have propped something against the door from the inside.
“Jenny, please –I love you – please don’t do this!”
Jenny was sobbing on the other side of the door. They were inches from each other. This was not the first time this was happening. Jenny had done this before.
Thrusting his entire body against the door, Ed managed to crash through it to find his wife lying in the bath with the water dripping on her head. He raced over to her and scooped her head in his hands. He instantly saw the pills and saliva frothing from her mouth. She was pale – these were not the first pills of the day she had taken. He squeezed her cheeks together to make her spit them out. She reacted slowly – she was already half asleep.
“Come on, Jenny, please don’t… no, no, no… don’t leave me…” he kissed her on the head as she curled forward and spat the pills out, clump by clump.
“They… they were coming… they were coming for me…” she rambled.
“But you’re safe now, you’re safe now.” Ed cradled her tightly and rocked her back and forth.
His mind was numb. Twelve seconds ago he had burst in. What if he had not? What if he could not make it to her in time? What if he had simply never come home at all? What if he had gone to the pub? Ed felt sick rising to this throat. There were good days and there were bad days. Jenny was never the same girl two days in a row. Sometimes he would see the glint of the girl he fell in love with. Occasionally, he’d see the mad old manic depressive woman he’d still be married to in twelve years time.

~ by S.G. Mark on January 11, 2012.

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