Day 100 – Relinquish

Day 100. Nice and cheerful.



Word count: 1426



Lightening forked the sky as she wrenched open the front door and their turbulent argument poured out onto the street to greet the raging storm above. Christine threw her suitcase in front of her, the weight of it propelling her forward as she stamped down the front steps in her red high heels.

“No, Steven, you can’t say another fucking thing to me! I’ve had enough!” she screamed.

Steven was lingering in his bare feet at the front door, unsure as whether this argument justified wet feet. They had been arguing for hours, but they had been arguing every day for the last six months, so this was nothing unexpected. Christine, however, had never packed her suitcase before..

“Please come back in, you’re causing a scene! Whatever it is, we can sort it out!” he coaxed her.

The neighbour’s net curtain twitched. They clearly had an audience.

“I’m sorry, Steve – but I’ve tried. I’ve tried to ignore it. I’ve just to pass it off as trivial things. I’ve just. But you haven’t. You haven’t changed one bit. I’m the only one who puts any work into our marriage.”

“But marriage shouldn’t be about hard work! It should just happen!”

Christine scoffed at his words and spat back at him, “Well there you have it then! I don’t know why I ever said yes to you!”

At this point Steven leapt from the doorway down to the cold flagstone path.

“Fuck you, how could you? How could you say that? Don’t tarnish six years together over six months of shit. I’m sorry I lost my job, but I couldn’t help it! I was made redundant!”

“Yes, but all you’ve done ever since is sit on your arse and play computer games! I don’t want a man that cannot be bothered pull his own weight… I’m the one who has to pay the bills, take care of the mortgage. Do you know how stressful that is?”

Steven’s rage seemed to shrink somewhat at her ferocious roar. The rain was pouring down their faces. Her hair was sodden and clung to her face. If they were not in mid-argument, he would have told her how beautiful she was.

“You just don’t see it, do you?” she continued, her tone slightly calmer, more controlled.

Steven sense the danger.

“Christine, I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done. But you’re not perfect too, either.”

Steven regretted those words as soon as they escaped his tongue. The look that Christine returned him could have killed him stone dead if she’d wished. As another fork of lightening struck the sky, his racing mind suddenly hit something obstructive. It seemed solid, without end. This was not something he could ignore and bypass. This was actually happening. And slowly he realised that this might not just be a small time disagreement of who annoyed who more. Christine had packed a bag. She had clearly not done that in the half hour she had been home from work.

“Honey, please….”

“No, Steven, do tell me… what is it about me that so annoys you?” Christine’s sharp tone and piercing stare was enough to all but destroy Steven’s fortitude.

“I.. I just meant that we all do things that annoy each other -”

“No. No you have your say. I’ve had mine.”

Steven paused and took a few moments to process what he had originally intended to say in the heat of the moment.

“You’re a constant worrier. You don’t ever let things go. I can’t always be there for you because you never let me in. You never let things go. You can never just be happy. There’s always got to be some drama. I can’t deal with that. You know I can’t. But how can you expect me to change if you won’t see these faults for yourself?” Steven had clearly touched a nerve. Christine remained so quiet that she appeared to mute the entire street. The passing cars made no noise. The wind was silent and the children in the park across the road had ceased playing their games to attend the drama that was happening outside number twenty four.

“Honey, I’m sorry,” he stepped forward to touch her.

“Don’t,” she swiped his hand away sharply, “Just don’t.”

Christine turned on her heel and buried her face in her hands. Steven could hear her sobbing and he felt sick that he had hurt her.

“Christine, you have to change too.”

“I just want you to make the most of yourself, but you never try… you just never try. You just sit there, expecting it to all come to you. I can’t deal with that any more, no matter how much of a psycho you think I am…”

“Christine, you know I never meant that.”

“No, you did. You did. Well I’m sorry, Steven, this is me through. I can’t deal with this any more. You know I used to lie awake at night worrying whether or not you’d run away with someone else – whether you’d ever had an affair. Now I just wish that would have happened. I think I might have hated you less.”


“Steven, stay away from me. You’ve worn me down, you and your puerile ways. I’m through.”

“Christine… please….”

“It’s over, Steven. It’s been over for months, I just didn’t have the spine to admit it to myself.”

She picked up her suitcase, scratched and smeared in mud and grit and walked down the steps.

“Fuck you, Christine. I hope you’re happy being perfect!”

“I’m going to my mum’s. By the time I’m back, I expect you to be gone.”

“This is my house too! I’m not leaving it!”

Christine flicked her hair back and narrowed her dark brown eyes at him, “I pay the fucking mortgage.”

Christine rolled the suitcase down the steps and stopped at the side of the road to look for traffic.

“You really are a bitch, aren’t you?” Steven shouted back at her, his words dowsed in spite.

Christine turned to face him fully – “I’ll die happy if I never have to see you again.”

She marched straight on to the road. Steven’s gut tightened as he saw it coming. Everything was in slow motion. Steven prayed that she saw it coming, but she was so angry that she wasn’t looking where she was going. Adrenaline pumped through his arteries and Steven found himself running at full speed down to the road before the car could smash right into Christine.

There was only a matter of milliseconds to reach her. The driver appeared to barely notice where they were going. Steven leapt forward with only a metre to spare and summoned all his strength to thrust Christine clear of death’s path. But it was too late. The driver had only just seen them. As Christine smacked on to the tarmac, Steven felt his body rising into the air – and for a brief moment he thought he felt no pain. Then his body was overcome with agony. He felt his ribcage being ripped open from the insides. His head smashed against the window screen before his body flipped over and tumbled across the top of the car and finally landing on the road.

The world around him was phasing. There was light but no sound. Breathing was torture. His legs… could he feel his legs? Two Christines appeared above his head. He reached up to touch her soft face. She was speaking but he could not hear a thing. Steven rose his head off the ground and saw his leg bent in an impossible direction. His clothes were bloodied. From a far people were running towards him. The car that had hit him was nowhere to be seen.

Christine put her hands on his head and gently put it back on the road. She told him something, but this time he could hear a dull moan of a voice and, as if he had just surfaced from deep ocean, his hearing rushed back to him.

“Don’t move! Just keep still… An ambulance is on its way…. just keep still…”

Christine was distraught.

“Oh god, oh god,” she repeated as she saw her hand was drenched in blood. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….”

Steven opened his mouth to speak, but she put a hand over it.

“No, you don’t need to say a word….”

But he brushed her hand out of the way, “I love you.”

Her tears were more torrential than the rain pounding down on them, “I love you more,” she said, “ I love you more.”

~ by S.G. Mark on January 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 100 – Relinquish”

  1. WELL DONE STEPH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I stole the words for todays song.

  3. Thievery is the purest form of flattery, or was it buggery?

    tee hehehehe

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