Day 103 – The Passenger – Part 3 (probably)

Word count: 658



DI Fitch lit another cigarette and scratched his chin, “So what do you actually remember?”

They had been in the interview room now for well over an hour. Kate was growing restless.

DI Walker quietly sipped his vending machine coffee and watched Kate like a security camera. Kate felt her every move being recorded and analysed.

“It’s really warm in here,” she waved her hand by her neck.

“So what actually happened?” DI Fitch repeated, his tone slightly less friendly than the first time.

“I’m sorry, officer, it’s been a long day… I’ve already told you it’s all been pretty much a blur…”

“So you’re trying to tell me that you spent over twenty-four hours in the company of someone who held you at gun point – and you don’t remember anything?”

Kate adjusted the length of her skirt, conscious that their eyes may be wandering, “Why would I lie to you?”




They were now completely clear of the city. Farms and fields flanked them on either side of the highway. The sun was creeping higher into the sky as they sped along in acrimonious silence. Kate kept her eyes on the road, flicking them occasionally to the scan for cop cars. She needed to stop somewhere and try to call for help. Meanwhile the man was staring out the of the open window, wind racing through his hair. Kate knew that her every move was being watched, even if he seemed relaxed and uninterested in anything she did. They travelled for a few more miles in this mode before Kate finally could no longer contain herself.

“We’re going to have to stop,” she announced.

The man wound up the window furiously, “No. We’re going to keep on driving.”

“I need the bathroom.”

“Use a bottle.”

“No!” she yelled disgustedly, “Besides, I don’t have one in the car!”

“Well how badly do you need to go?”

“I haven’t been since morning! Badly!” she gripped the steering wheel in a bid to channel her frustration.

The man thought for a short while.

“Look, there’s a gas station coming up,” she pointed out the windscreen at a road sign indicating a turn off in just under a mile.

“Fine,” he said, defeatedly.


They turned off into a small rest area in the middle of a small wood. The car park was almost full and adjacent to it was a little picnic area with tables and benches. Kate parked and waited for the man to instruct her. He edged his gun into view.

“For god’s sake there are children here – you can’t!”

The man seemed to listen to her, “Alright then. But don’t do anything stupid.”

They got out of the car, Kate secretly smiling to herself. This could be her chance. She started to walk over to the shop.

“Where are you going?” he called over to her.

“Uhm, the restrooms?”

“And let you jump out the window while I’m browsing the magazines? I think not. Get behind that tree now.”

Kate looked disdainfully at the trees he was pointing at.

“No,” she said simply.

“Yes,” he said sharply, “Now and before you wet yourself.”

Kate stomped off to the trees and picked a particularly quiet spot. All the picnicers were looking the other way – two dogs were chasing each other and keeping them all amused.

“I hate you!” she shouted back at him. She knew he was watching her.

“Are you done yet?”

“Just a minute!”

From somewhere in the distance a police siren was screeching towards them. Her heart thumped in her chest – could it be? Had her husband noticed her absence, called them and they were here to rescue her?

“Quickly!” he shouted at her, a tone of panic in his voice.

Kate pulled down her tights and jumped out from the tree as the cop car passed by. The man was looking frantically around.

“Oh my god, you’re on the run from the police aren’t you?”

~ by S.G. Mark on January 18, 2012.

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