Day 104 – The Day That Changed Everything

I’m slightly drunk and very tired.


Word count: 521




He was walking calmly along the street one day with his girlfriend in tow. She was laden with shopping bags from Gucci and Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Harvey Nicols. The sun was in the sky and shining down on the city with a smile on its face. Everyone on the street was happy, content – licking ice cream cones and sipping cool draughts of beer and white wine. The world was relaxing on this sunny Saturday afternoon in spring.

Simon and Claire were arguing in silence, though. She had just spent twice as much of his money than he had originally anticipated and had then criticised him for not being a better, more committed boyfriend. Simon was walking two paces ahead whilst Claire stomped in a stop in her high heels with an ugly mug on her face. Even her cover-all foundation and smokey-eyes could not hide her ugliness now.

Whilst everyone was out enjoying themselves, they had been at each other’s throats. Simon was not having the best day of his life. He was not particularly enamoured to buying dresses and shoes and make up. He would far rather be playing football or watching some sport – any sport – with a pint of lager in his hand and a pie in the oven. But needs must when one has a model as a girlfriend.

However, that Saturday, their plans for a touch of class at some fancy restaurant were more than ruined by just a few relationship disagreements. Their restaurant booked, they only had to turn up and eat what they ordered to have a good time regardless of how badly they hated each other in that particular moment. Today, though, they would never make their table in time.

They passed a church en route to the restaurant. The bells were ringing and there was a bride in white with an old fashion car at the side of the road awaiting her arrival. Claire was frowning with jealousy as she took in the detail of the dress and the designer bridesmaids dresses. Simon relished in the idea that he would definitely not be taking Claire anywhere near that aisle.

It was then that something odd happened. Just as Simon was beginning to get slightly peckish and was contemplating forgiving Claire for being the money-grabbing bitch that she was, the sky ripped open and turned everything to red. Everyone looked up and started screaming. There were people running and diving for cover, but many just simply stared up at the sky without audible shock or visible fear. Then, from the black scar in the sky, thousands of tiny black things flew out and started chasing everyone around. They were no more than the size of a house fly, but they weren’t house flies. They were aliens.

Claire jumped on to Simon’s arm and protected her Gucci handbag with her life. Simon gave her a strange look and allowed the strange flies to fly like schools of fish around his legs and arms. They were cool, he thought. He liked them. And then everyone in the world died except him.


~ by S.G. Mark on January 19, 2012.

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