Day 106 – The Killer Tealight

I blame Christopher. My mind was as numb as his left arm today.


Word count: 600


John and Alison fell into the sofa together. They had just returned from a night out of drinking and clubbing. Alison, exhausted, pulled off her red high heeled shoes and rubbed her aching soles. John was already sipping out of the wine glasses they’d left on the table before heading out for the night.

“Urgh, warm white wine tastes rank,” he said, disgusted.

Alison sniffed the glass and wretched, “Urgh, no – pour some more vodka.”

John got up and grabbed a bottle of vodka from the kitchen cupboards and a couple of fresh glasses. He poured them both a glass each of vodka and coke.

“Ah man that’s good, I’ve been really thirsty!” Alison threw the drink to the back of her throat.

“Yeah, I know, I can’t believe how full that bar was – just as well we left when we did, else we’d have died of dehydration!”

Alison relaxed back in the sofa and rested her swollen feet on the coffee table.

“Brr,” she shivered.

“Are you cold?”


“Shall I put some heating on?”

“Nah, it’ll upset my flatmate if I don’t ask her…”

“What about if I light a couple of tealights?”

“Yeah that’ll be fine – we can just huddle around it like hobos at a burning barrel under some downtown bridge.”

John got up and ferreted around for some tealights and matches.

“Here we are,” he said, lighting the only tealight he could find and placing it just beside Alison’s leg, “Do you feel that warmth?”

Alison giggled, “Not really! But it’ll do, come here.”

Alison gestured for John to give her a cuddle.

“It was a good night, though – even we are frozen just now.”

“Yeah, it was. I’m glad you asked me to come,” Alison said.

As they talked and reminisced about the wonderful night they had just had, neither of them noticed the little tealight’s flame flickering. In fact, they barely noticed it at all. But if they had, they would have seen it very slowly and very subtly move towards them. It slithered like a snake and moved like a ninja. It was silent and dangerous. The tealight crept forward and forward and then mounted Alison’s leg.

At that moment she noticed something brushing against her and looked down, horrified. She screamed.

“Oh my god, John! It’s a ghost, it’s a thing!”

John threw himself to his feet and hesitated pathetically.

“What do I do?” he shouted.

“Get it off me!” Alison screamed.

Alison was thrusting her leg outwards and all over the place to try and shake off the tealight, but it was clinging on like a magnet to her leg. It was as if its teeth had sunk into her skin and would not let go.

“Stop being such a girl and get it off me!” she yelled again as John was prancing around her indecisively.

“You’re moving too quickly!” he yelled, trying to anticipate her movements.

“Just shut it and get it off!”

John launched himself forward and made to grab the tealight from her leg, but the little candle anticipated his move and leapt up to her thigh, leaving him clutching mid-air and lying on the floor. As it jumped further up her body, Alison’s fear mounted. She could not even scream and more she was so frightened. It eventually came to a stop at her chest and grinned the only way a psychopathic tealight can grin before taking out its miniature machete and murdering them both.


The next day their bodies were found and Alison’s flatmate arrested with “irreconcilable differences over energy usage” sighted as a motive.

~ by S.G. Mark on January 21, 2012.

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