Day 108 – Hula Loops

I’m really tired. I’m really, really, really tired.

Word count: 577

Henry walked into the room. There was a grandfather clock in the corner and old spittoon by the door. An old lady was sipping tea by a fire and a cat was curled up by her feet. He had not meant to enter this room at all, but the door looked interesting – it was shielded from view by some mysterious curtain on the second floor. Henry had meant to go all the way to the top floor – but he saw a little mouse running across the second floor landing and down towards the room he had now just entered.

Henry could not deduce what this room was. The old lady, deaf though she may be, seemed completely ignorant of anyone’s existences, let alone his at such a close proximity to her. She sipped her tea from a fine china tea set, with little sugar cubes in a tiny china pot. It was all arranged on an antique tray which balanced on a tiny little coffee table.

The mouse that he’d followed scuttled passed her line of sight, but she did not wince or even acknowledge it. Henry ventured further in, scanning the tall bookcases, magnificent antiques and framed old maps hanging from the ceiling as if they were in a gallery. The mouse then scurried back across his path and Henry followed it to a tiny little mouse hole behind a strange looking potted plant. Henry knelt down to get a better look. The mouse had clearly disappeared, but he shoved his eye right up close to the hole regardless.

“Oh you won’t find anything in there,” a voice said.

Henry turned around but it was not the old lady that had spoken.

“No, I’m up here, silly,” the voice said again.

Henry looked wildly around but there was no one there to speak back to.

“You really are stupid, aren’t you?” the voice mocked him and he finally saw where it was originating from.

The strange looking plant was leering over him, its prickly leaves chattering with excitement. Henry was lost for words. He could see that the mouse was now even watching him with curious intent from its cosy little hole.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” the plant leaned further forward, placing a few of its branches and twigs on both of Henry’s shoulders for reassurance.

At that point, Henry hit the floor and passed out.

“Oh that didn’t work either,” the plant said reflectively, “Right! Start again!”

A bright blue light emanated from the plant’s soil and shone across the room. The mouse covered its eyes with its paws whilst the little old lady dunked two more sugars in her tea.


Henry’s body was nowhere to be seen in the room as it was now climbing some stairs. He needed to go to the top floor.  It was very important that he get there, though he could not quite figure out why. However, as he stepped up to the second floor, he saw a little mouse fly across the carpet and underneath a curtain that held no window. Henry followed it and drew back the curtain. There was an interesting door, how could he refuse?

Inside the room there was a little old lady sipping tea. She wore slippers and waved him in. The mouse was sitting on her shoulder and the cat was stirring some sugar into its own saucer of tea.

“Hello!” the bookcases called.

“Hello,” Henry waved back.

~ by S.G. Mark on January 23, 2012.

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