Day 117 – Soft, Light & Mellow

Inspired by Daz’s Tesco grocery delivery today.


Word count: 601


Beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead as his dreams rapidly turned into nightmares. At first they were happy; blissful even – there was hope. Bunnies were flopping around in luscious green fields – their rabbit holes even had little doors with miniature windows, knockers and knobs. Some of the rabbits were hanging up washing on lines just above their holes; there was a black and white cat invited round for tea in another. The scene melted into an forest and a red headed girl on a horse galloped towards him. She smiled and winked at him as she passed him and he turned on his heel to watch her fly off into the distance – mesmerised at the way her hair danced like flames in the soft light falling through the summer leaves.

That was the moment that the dream had changed. As bright and as warm as it was in the forest, rain started to pit patter down through the canopy and splatter on to his long mullet-styled hair. Mullet? He did not normally have a mullet… he grabbed at his hair but it came loose in his hands and he was accidentally pulling tufts out of his scalp. Was he going bald? What was the matter? All of a sudden his eyesight went blurred – he removed his glasses and everything was clear again. He felt naked; alone. He blinked a few times and turned around – hearing once again the galloping of hooves on a muddy forest floor. But there was no red-headed dame upon a noble steed; instead there was a black demon riding towards him, cape billowing behind him as he charged.

He ducked as the demon’s mace made to strike and reappeared in an unconventional shopping aisle. It was almost entirely exactly unlike Tescos, except that everything read Tesco on it. Instead of having fruit and vegetables, tins and packets there were only boxes of varying sizes: all reading the word Tesco on it. A trolley had miraculously appeared in front of him; he had not even noticed that his hands were already wrapped around the handlebar. It was then that he noticed he was floating and that for several miles above and below him were millions and millions of identical aisles like the one he was hovering in. Even from here, he could tell that they all sold the same set of identical Tesco boxes.

Suddenly he felt his body following – gravity had evidentially won and he was tumbling down past the million rows of aisles and then his body slammed against a hard surface like a concrete block falling from the sky. He felt broken, by largely together. He checked his limbs; they were all accounted for. He stood up. He was being illuminated by a very bright white light from very high above his head. Everything outside this narrow circle of light was black. When he walked he could hear his footsteps echo.

Then, a deep grumbling sound erupted from the otherwise destitute silence. The floor started vibrating and the aperture of the beam of light was getting narrower and narrower. Soon he could no longer see his feet, his legs, his hands, his shoulders; it was all black and amongst the grumbling were strange screeches and terrible screams; his heart was pounding and he felt as if the walls were closing in around him. Everywhere he looked was a stark and impenetrable darkness and then – it all seemed to be sucked away and he sat bolt up right in his own bed and yelled, “Noooooo! Not the soft, light and mellow cheese!”

~ by S.G. Mark on February 1, 2012.

One Response to “Day 117 – Soft, Light & Mellow”

  1. That’s the height of laziness Daz! – i wonder Steph whether it wouldn’t be easier, if unfortunately conventional, to have the text in black and the background white? – it wud make it eminently more readable and somewhat less taxing on the eye.
    Otherwise, content still ROKIN!

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