Day 120 – The Beast

Word count: 532





“No, I’m sure he’s in there,” Adam stood back from the bathroom door, wooden spoon in hand.

“He can’t be – I thought I saw him leave?” Karin turned the whisk in her hands menacingly.

“Let’s think about this carefully –”

“No, Adam, he’s not here. He can’t be.”

A noise came from within the bathroom, something tumbling to the floor.

“Adam, I’m scared.”

“Karin, it’s fine. We don’t know what state he’s in… he might be alright. He might have taken his pills after all…”

“I don’t think he did. I think it’s bad. Adam, what are we going to do?”

A grunt came from within. An inhumane growl.

“Adam, can we leave him?”

“No, think of what might happen if he escapes… you know what happened the last time.”

Karin winced at the memory, “He might not be that bad anymore?”

The growling turned into a wailing.

“Has he ever done that before?” Karin asked.

“Not that I know of…” Adam said, apprehensively.

“Do we call the police?”

“No… They’ll lock him up.”

“We can’t fight him off with a whisk and a wooden spoon!”

“Yes we can.”

“What are we going to do, bake a cake out of him?”

“Karin, don’t be so stupid. This is not the time for your weird fetishes.”

More things were being knocked to the floor. Karin imagined a beast flailing around in her bathroom and she was not far wrong.

“Right, Adam, that’s it. I’m not having him tearing apart my bathroom. I need a shower.” Karin swished her whisk like a scythe and advanced on the door.

Turn, click, release. The door slowly swung open and revealed a shadow of a human.

His skin was flecking off. His beard was molting and tufts of it were not only erupting in unusual places, but falling to the floor. His eyes were bloodshot and dangerous. There was only a few ounces of humanity left in the beast.

“Oh my god,” Karin exclaimed.

“Is that…? Is it him?”

“Yes, Adam… it is.”

“He doesn’t look…”


“I think so.”

The beast growled and started gnawing at its sharp fingernails. It was hungry.

“Adam, do something!”

“Do something? Why do you always want me to come in and save the day! I did it last time!”

“Adam, you’re the man and I’m three foot tall.”

“Fine then… get the frying pan.”

“Want me to heat it up too?”


Karin dashed off to the kitchen. Pots and pans crashed to the floor as she raked through the cupboards for a clean pan. Meanwhile Adam edged towards the beast, holding his wooden spoon a little higher.

The beast so far had not seemed to have noticed Adam’s presence. He was staring at the ground, body shaking violently.

“Got it,” Karin shouted from out of sight, “What else?”

The beast must have heard her as it twitched and tilted its head in Adam’s direction; he bared his teeth.

“Eggs! Get the eggs!”


“Hash browns!”


“Easy on the mushrooms!”

“And a tattie scone!”

The beast had turned on Adam. He was growling, claws outstretched and sharp.

“Make it quick! It’s the only way he’ll return to human form!”

~ by S.G. Mark on February 4, 2012.

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  1. i must say…i liked this a lot!!!!!


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