Day 124 – Hurt

It’s short.


Word count: 513.



DCI Hammond perused Anne over the interview table. The claustrophobic room was darkly lit. It had a pungent smell of despair. Hammond had just flicked on the tape record.

Anne had no words. She waited for his first question.

They both knew why they were there. They both were aware of the prospective charges, but Hammond had nothing on Anne quite yet.

Hammond continued to stare at her; Anne kept her face pointed towards the table, examining the intricate scratchings in the wood. They were graffiti-like – scratched messages from tortured souls. Some of the words made sense; let me out; I am innocent, and some of them were too obscurely written to make out.

“Do you know why you are here?” Hammond spoke for the first time, gruffly throat in tow.

“No,” Anne shoot her head, whilst lying through her teeth.

“I think you do. I think you know exactly why you are here,” Hammond paused and leant towards her, “Where were you the night of the twenty-sixth?”

“At home,” Anne replied rather quickly.



“No alibi?”

“Not exactly.”

“Anne, we found evidence with your fingerprints all over it. We know you were there.”

“How can you prove that? You haven’t taken my prints yet.”

Hammond sat back, relaxed, “We know everything about you. We know where you’ve been, who you’ve been talking to… what you feel.

Goosebumps formed on Anne’s skin. How could he know.

“You’re lying,” she tried to keep a straight face, tried not to let her voice quiver.

“I’m an officer of the law, I do not lie. I find truth out of the forest of lies and deceit. I have met people like you and I will meet people like you again. You are not unique. You are not a gifted liar.”

“That’s slander.”

“So is what you said.”

They had hit a brick wall. Anne felt the wall closing in around her.

“You knew this girl, didn’t you? You were friends.”


“If you lie to me again, I will have you arrested.”

“Yes. We were friends, for my part.”

“Then why did you kill her?”

Anne looked away, choked.

“Did she do something to you? Did she hurt you? Did she steal someone from you?”

Leave me alone.”

“Did she push you too far the other night? Did she push you passed the point that you could withstand… did you just want to go -”


“Get rid of her?”


“Stamp her out of existence?”

“Dammit, stop! Stop! Stop!”

Anne was shivering with emotion. Tears were streaming out of her eyes: her mascara was a black smear on her face. She closed her eyes tightly.

“You’re a murderer.”

“Please! No! No! I’m not!”

“A killer.”


She felt her insides imploding. Her entire world was collapsing. All the anger and rage that she felt seemed to be splitting her open into two separate people and when she finally opened her eyes all she could see was blood dripping from her arms as she lay curled up on her living room floor.

~ by S.G. Mark on February 8, 2012.

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