Day 126 – The Passenger – Part 4

Not bad considering the massive headache I have.


Word count: 1182


Kate and the man were exchanging a dangerous arrangement of emotions. While Kate was imagining daggers flying through the air towards his body, the man was very conscious of the nearby patrol of police cars screeching passed. The man’s face had gone glacially white. Kate was burning up with anger and rage: not only had she been hijacked by someone attempting a crime, but he was already on the run! An armed man and dangerous man with a gun.


“I’m not getting back in that car.”

The man opened up his jacket just enough for his gun to be visible, “Yes you are.”

No one was within eavesdropping distance.

“There are children nearby!” Kate was outraged.

“Then get back in the car!”

Kate huffed, stomping towards the car.


“I hate you,” she muttered, switching on the ignition when they were both back inside the car.

“That’s what all the girls say at first, sweet-cheeks, now drive.”

“Where are we even going?”

“The open road!” The man raised his hands in gesture as she turned out of the carpark.

“Which way?”

“You choose!”

Kate indicated left and accelerated back into the highway, in the exact opposite direction of the city.

The man sat back in the passenger seat, hands behind his head. His gun was once again visible from inside his jacket. Kate found herself staring at it from the corner of her eye. The car swayed every now and then the more it distracted her. The man had his eyes closed, she could make a grab for it? If it went off, it was pointed at his body – there wouldn’t be any great loss?

“It’s not,” the man said quite simply.

“Not what?” Kate returned her attention the road, as if it had never wavered.


Kate slammed her fists on the wheel, “What?! I’m pulling over! I’m getting out!”

“No you won’t.”

“Yes I am – see I’m doing it – I’m doing it now!” she slammed on the breaks and made for the exit to her right.

“Aw come on, that’s just not fair – you can’t leave me now?” the man was mocking her. “Haven’t you enjoyed our little time together?”

“I am going to be so glad when you are locked away. I will have a party! I’m planning it already!”

“That’s a shame. What if I’m lying?”

Kate suddenly heard a click and her peripheral vision issued her with a red alert: there was a gun inches away from her head.

“Calm, Katie, calm. He is lying.”

“See the next left? Take it,” his voice was dangerously quiet and clear.

“Just do as he says, Katie, don’t fight him,” she calmed herself.

They drove a few miles with the gun aimed steadily at her forehead. She could feel the bullet burning a hole in her skin.

They were in a field somewhere. Their highway journey had disintegrated into a country lane with high corn fields on either side; potholes littered there road. A bright sun scorched the earth.

“Can I wind a window down please, I’m a little… uncomfortable?”

Sweat was pouring down her neck. She knew deep down her antiperspirant had failed her.

“See that barn over there? Pull into it. The doors should already be open.”

“What barn?” she said, pressing the window button and allowing a gentle breeze to cool her.

But as soon as she had posed the question, the curve in the road revealed a rustic old barn. It might have been around since the Civil War. The wood had greyed and it did not so much look part of the landscape but had become it. A leafless tree overshadowed it and a bird flew down to land on top, ready to welcome them.

Kate drove right into the barn. The door was open exactly as the man had said. It was cooler in here; it was like driving into a small pond. The man dropped the gun from Kate’s face and got out. Kate remained in the car. She watched as he went over to a pile of hay that had been stacked in the corner and started burrowing into it, throwing tufts of hay behind him.

Kate quietly put her hands on the steering wheel. She had not switched off the ignition yet. The man was suitably distracted – he would barely get a chance to react. Very carefully, she put the car in reverse… he was still too busy scurrying in the hay to notice… she then flipped the handbrake on and screeched the car into a tight turn. She was facing the exit now – freedom in sight. Stamping her feet down on the accelerator, she sped towards the barn door. She was at the door – she need only to turn and escape – BANG

The car was rocketed forward, slightly thrown in the air and swerved down towards some entangled bushes at a very embarrassingly slow pace. It banged against the bushes and stopped pathetically. Kate’s body jolted forward slightly with inertia. The passenger seat’s airbag popped open with amusement.

Exiting the car, she was met with the man storming towards her, gun flailing in the air.

“You! Come hither!”

Kate stumbled across the rocky, broken terrain in her high heels. A white smoke was rising from the back of her car…

“Oh my god… you shot my back wheel!”

“You were trying to escape!”

“You blew out my wheel!”

“You were trying to escape!”

They had raged towards each other; now their noses almost touched.

“You said that thing wasn’t loaded!”

“I lied.”

“I hate you!”

“I know that.”

“We’re now stuck here, you realise that?”

“Yes. I’m alright with that.”

“Jeez, I can’t stand you!”

“I’m going to go back in the barn now. I need to get something. Can you wait in the car?”

“No! I’m going to find the nearest farm house and get a loaded shotgun and come back here and blow your manhood off – you shot my friggin’ car!”

“Car – sit – now – good girl.”

Kate narrowed her eyes at him. He patted her on the head.

“Do you want to do as I tell you, or do you want Mr. Gun to do the talking?”

Kate glared at him, “Fine,” and stropped back to the car.

“Can I put on the radio?”

“No! And I took your phone, so you can’t call anyone.”





The interview room. Walker laid a plastic cup of water down in front of Kate. Eye eyes were glistened with freshly dabbed tears.

“Ms, can you explain what happened at the barn? Your car was found there, one bullet hole in the back tyre.”

“I loved that car,” Kate muttered under her breath.


Walker shook his head and crouched down beside her, “I’m beginning to doubt your amnesia, Kate. I’m beginning to think that you went along with all this just for the thrill, the fun – the adventure…the money?”

Kate was shaking with grief now, “Mr Walker, when someone points a gun at you – no matter how excruciatingly annoying you find their company – you tend to do as they say.”

~ by S.G. Mark on February 10, 2012.

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  1. Not just your anti perspirant that is failing you, where is tonight`s story.

    Mummy X

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