Day 128 – Currently Bleeding

Written rather quickly after pretty much sleeping all day. Forgive me.

Word count: 600




“No thank you, I don’t mix pleasure and business.”

“Ah, you’re a lawyer. I forgot.”


Friedman was having an afternoon tea out on his country mansion’s lawn. The August sunshine was blazing. He was wearing his best white suit and a hat usually only reserved for cricket watching. His old friend Lester would be joining him soon, but he had sent his lawyer ahead of him first.


“What is Lester’s message?”

“The mountain is volcanic.”



Friedman coughed on his tea. Though he had known of that message ever since his fifth birthday, he had never believed it would come in his lifetime. Now that the words had been said, he could not think of an appropriate response.


“When will Lester be here?”


“Mary? Mary can you go to the cellar and get a bottle of the oldest and strongest you can find. Take a bottle for yourself too, you’re going to need it,” Friedman instructed to his maid.

“What else does he say?”


“Nothing… yes… yes…”

“Will that be all?”

“Yes, yes – you may go.”


The lawyer left and a little while later Mary returned with a bottle of dusty whisky and a glass.

“Thank you,” he said as she poured right to the top.

Mary left and he stroked the edge of the glass in thought. His father had never experienced this. He was never informed what to do, just that this day might come. Friedman pondered over what more Lester might be able to say when he got there. Would it be recoverable news? Friedman had always grown up to believe that those words marked the end.



Tyres crinkled over gravel. Lester had arrived. A short while later he was descending the stone steps to meet his friend. Friedman did not get up. Lester took the bottle of whisky and poured himself a large one. He seemed in a remarkably cheery mood.


“Are you worried?” Friedman sipped his whisky for the first time. His insides burned comfortingly.


“Then why do you seem almost excited?”

“Something is finally happening… I guess it just feels like we are involved in history.”

“History? The entire world order is collapsing and you are excited?”

Lester took a seat. He was a few years older than Friedman and more than a little worldlier. He had been a soldier back in his day, even becoming a two-star general. He had seen things that Friedman, in his privately schooled professorship could never have dreamed of.

“The world is currently bleeding. We were all aware of that for many years. Today is the day the wound became septic. We must deal with this accordingly and accept the changes that this might incur.”

“We’re going to lose everything. We’re going to lose the way we live, our family homes – our goddamn countries! Who knows what these monsters are capable of?”

“These monsters are just like you and I, except for nigh on two hundred years we’ve been able to control them. You father must surely have warned you this day would come. Did he not train you?”

“No, he detested the idea. I detest the idea.”

“Well then enjoy the last of your fine whines and whiskies.”

Lester drank the rest of his glass and retreated up the steps again.

“Oh there was one other thing,” Lester stopped half way up, “The Prime Minister will be dining with you this evening as his life is in grave danger. I trust the country will be in safe hands with you by his side.”


Lester departed, leaving Friedman alone with his nigh empty glass.

~ by S.G. Mark on February 12, 2012.

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