Day 130 – The Man Who Loved Himself

I am quite tired today. I tidied, cleaned, changed bed sheets, got rid of clothes, did all my dishes and made two different types of pie for me and my man tomorrow. Then I started to write this. Not a bad evening at all!!

Word count: 639

Stan winked at himself in the mirror.

Flash suit, Ray Ban’s, sophisticated sneer of superiority. Stan had it all. He had a red sports car, a platinum plated credit – an apartment in Manhattan – an apartment in Key West. He knew the top of the top, the crème de la crème, the people more in the know than the people in the know. Stan was everyone’s friend. Stan played it cool. He knew how to work a poker table with just one eye open. He could wrap the attention of a thousand people around his little finger with just a few short words.

Stan wiggled his hips, Elvis style.

Tonight he was going to impress. Tonight it was going to weave the room like a lean, mean sewing machine. His date was hotter than the centre of the sun; but not quite as sizzling as he was. He had a silk tie slightly undone – just edgy enough to be smart. He had spent twelve hours pruning and preening himself to perfection. His nails were done. His hands moisturised. A sneaky self tan. The hair alone took more than an hour.

His usual table was booked. Dinner with a single rose at the table – the waiter’s always knew what he would need. Champagne, French food and then VIP passes to the hottest nightclub in town. Dana would love it; would love him. Anyone who was anyone would be there – the atmosphere was to die for.

Stan knew how to impress the ladies. He knew what they loved and from years of experience, he’d theorised that they loved him. They could not get enough of the smooth talking, the electrifying touches and magnetic eye contact. Stan had lured hundreds of women into the world of Stan. But they were memories and pleasant evenings with average company compared to the night he had planned with Dana.

Dana would match him. Dana would compliment him. Dana would listen to him and always be at his side. She would look great in a red dress, clutching his arm. She would be his Dolce & Gabbana watch. She would be there whenever he needed her and she’d always look stunning, just for him. Stan had such an amazing life; a great career, a fantastic social life – he needed to complete it and Dana would do just that.

The phone rang. It was his own voice singing My Heart Will Go On. He’d recorded the ringtone in a professional studio. He instantly knew it was Dana.

“Yo, baby.”

He winked at himself again. He always loved it when they called before the date, just to say how much they were looking forward to it.

“Hi Stan,” Dana’s voice was seductive.

“Can you not be patient, I’m picking you up in an hour,” he grinned at his reflection again, sparkling white teeth.

“I’m sorry Stan, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it tonight after all. I didn’t realise that I’d made…. other plans…”

“Other plans? Other plans? What do you mean other plans, you’ve got a once in a life time opportunity with Stan!”

“I – I – I’m washing my hair.”

“Washing your hair? No one turns Stan down!”

He hung up.

He was insulted. He was more than insulted, he was livid. How dare Dana throw his generous offer back in his face? Did she not realise who she might have been married to in five years time? The life, the opportunity, the romance, the money, the fast cars, the world of Stan twenty-four seven?
The cars would have to be cancelled, probably even the helicopter. But he’d go alone to the restaurant. With his reputation, he’d find company somehow. He stroked his gelled hair back one more time; winked and clicked his fingers.

“Love you, Stan the Man,” he told himself.

~ by S.G. Mark on February 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 130 – The Man Who Loved Himself”

  1. Oh dear, Stan. I’m sure there really are people like him out there – good on Dana for turning him down!

    And good on you for your ambitious 1-a-day challenge, I hope it brings you all you dream of.

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