Day 134 – The Cave


I need nachos.


Word count: 550




As the last of the sunlight glinted their champagne glasses atop the deserted mountain, Rachel began to cry.


It had been such a perfect day. She and Dave had wondered into the mountains in search of fresh air and liberation from society. Above the tree line, the wind whipped through their hair and chilled their skin. It was March.



They were tired from the walking. Rachel’s feet ached but at the same time she was pleased with herself for getting to the top. Dave had brought champagne and two flutes in his backpack and now Rachel could see him dropping down on to one knee.


A wind curled around them, leaves spiralling around their bodies and bringing them closer. Dave resembled a donkey, shy and bashful. Rachel wished he would not look like that in this precise moment.



But the moment was cut short when from out of nowhere, came an enormous bellow that raged through the mountains and ringed in their ears. Dave’s hand stopped mid-motion in his pocket. Rachel looked around to see where it was coming from. But Dave had already spotted it. He got to his feet and walked over to the edge of the cliff they were near. It was nigh vertical, but there was some way down, for a sure-footed rock climber. Half way down there was a cave. From this angle neither Rachel or Dave could see how big it really was.


“I don’t remember that from the way up, do you?”

“No… it can’t be that big then.”

“But there’s something big in it.”

“Shall we?”

“I don’t know, it’s a bit steep…”

“Let’s go anyway.”


So they got out their ropes and they rigged it up so that Dave would go first and then Rachel. They descended the cliff, even though it was getting darker and darker by each second. No other sound had come from the cave, so they were beginning to wonder at this stage why they were even going down there now.


“I’ve got my foot in!” Dave yelled.


Rachel looked down and saw the fuzzy image of Dave swinging into the cave. She quickly scrambled down the rest of the rock to join him. But he was not there when she entered the cave.


“Hello?” she shined her torch into the cave, but curiously the light fell on no surface. The cave seemed backless – stretching on forever.


“Dave, where are you?”


Rachel stumbled further into the cave, flailing the torch around frantically. Perhaps he had fallen, perhaps he’d been knocked out, injured?

But eventually her light did fall on to something solid. It was a curious shape. It had two thin cylindrical things sticking out of an oblong-shaped vertical thing. It was an unusual stalactite.


“You strange thing,” she muttered to herself as she approached it, before gasping and dropping her torch as she saw the front of it.


Two familiar stone eyes looked right back at her on the object. A mouth that she had kissed so many times before was caught in a scream. And it was then that she realised that Dave had been pointing to something before he was turned into stone, but the fool looked herself instead of realising Dave’s true instruction; not to look, but to look away.

~ by S.G. Mark on February 18, 2012.

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