Day 135 – Adventure Golf Island

I’m quite drunk and we went minigolfing.



Word count: 736




Kyle and Sophia had been trying to putt the fourth hole for pretty close to twenty minutes now. It was nigh impossible. It was one of those holes in which the ball needed to be launched a particular angle with sufficient velocity in order to overcome the gravitational forces set out by the small incline towards the hole. Either side of the correct velocity and the ball would roll back down again or speed over the hole itself.


They had been whacking away for a while now. Neither Sophia or Kyle were quitters. They were brother and sister – twins in fact. They were close and had learned never to let each other lose. They were great for each other. It was their local miniature golf course. They had played here since they were six years old, but this was the first time they were playing on the new additional course. Their years of expertise and skill were certainly not being drawn here. Nothing they did made any difference to how well they were able to put the balls in the holes.


On the first three, they had had similar problems, except that they were not nearly as bad. When they both finally got their balls in the hole, they jumped up and down with excitement. They slammed the palms of their hands in the air in a high five.


The next one, hole five, was twice as hard as the fourth. The hole was atop a hill on the other side of a revolving windmill which was in turn separated from the first patch of fake grass by a small ravine of water. It seemed logical enough. The angles and velocities were roughly calculated in their heads. Kyle was always the better player.


“It’s a little quiet here, isn’t it?” Kyle questioned Sophia.

“Possibly, but I suppose it is the middle of winter. Only us sados will be out here tonight.”

“Haha, yeah, but just seems less busy than normal?”

“Stop delaying your shot and thwack it in!”




Kyle took a shot and they once more descended into a minor hell of frustrational putting. Each hole thereafter doubled in difficulty. It was great fun – both Sophia and Kyle enjoyed a good challenge and though it took them almost two hours to get to the final hole, they were quite pleased with their efforts.



“So, here it is, the big one,” Kyle said, eyeing the eighteenth hole in awe.



The ball needed to be launched into the air, fall into a revolving wheel that took the ball a good three feet from the ground and drop it successfully into a trampoline at the bottom which would bounce it off towards the correct area where the hole was. If that was successful, the ball would then slowly spiral down to the hole – and only then if the trapdoors were not randomly activated.


“Well we aren’t getting a free game,” Sophia muttered.


“I don’t think anyone will… alright, here goes…”


Kyle steadied his club and judged the angle, distance and speed that he would need. Sophia watched him too, waiting to see what his mistakes might be.



He inhaled deeply, calling on the golf gods to help him. He putted. The ball fell into place at every challenge. It was as if it were meant to be, as if this were how it were meant to be done, meant to be played. Kyle watched in astonishment as the ball rolled gently into the hole. Kyle screamed in joy.


“Woohooooo! Yeah!”


“Alright, my turn!” Sophia pushed her brother over and though her putt was slightly off, by some miracle it to circled into the hole at the other end.


Kyle and Sophia jumped up and down in excitement.


“Free game, free game!”


But their jubilations were crushed when the ground beneath their feet began to rumble. They both stopped and clutched onto the nearest solid object. Was it an earthquake? It was not the area for one.


The eighteenth hole slowly opened up and the earth caved in as a larger hole erupted from the ground. From out of the holes in all the course, little trolls with crazy coloured hair rose up and pointed up at them, laughing.


Sophia and Kyle were holding each other in fear now, not quite sure what was happening.


And then the little crazy bohemian trolls zapped them with lasers protruding from their fingers.

~ by S.G. Mark on February 19, 2012.

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