Day 147 – Unseen

Very enjoyable yet very difficult to write.

Word count: 546

“Get out, get out now – he’s angry!”
Fiona’s widened and focused at something behind Polly. Polly turned, but there was nothing there but the bed.
“There’s nothing there, Fiona?”
“He’s there,” she raised a trembling finger at the same spot behind her.
“Fiona, there’s no one there,” but even Polly was starting to doubt herself.
They were in Fiona’s room. Polly’s mum had dropped her off at Fiona’s just after school while she went into town to do some shopping. Polly did not really know Fiona that well, though their parents were very close. Fiona was a strange girl. Other than Polly, she did not really have any other friends. She would often hang around in the playground chasing and talking to her own shadow, making her left hand fight with her right. There was something not quite right about Fiona, and the other children sensed it. Though Polly found it more annoying than anything, as it was she that Fiona would run after when school had finished and would genuinely not be aware that Polly hated every second of her company.
Fiona was being particularly odd and annoying today. It was gorgeous and sunny outside and Polly wanted to play in Fiona’s tree house, but Fiona was insisting that they play in her room. From the start, Polly was determined not to enjoy it. Fiona wanted to play with Barbies, but Polly thought they were too young for her. But, too keep the peace and to not cause a row later with her mum, she went along with it.
Polly was getting seriously annoyed with Polly now. She was taking her weird traits just a step too far. Pretending there was something there when there clearly wasn’t was just stupid. She was acting like she was five years old, not ten.
But Fiona’s eyes did not move from the spot behind Polly.
“Fiona, please, this isn’t funny. Can we just go outside and play in the tree house?”
“Polly, get up slowly. Polly don’t look around. Whatever you do, don’t turn around. He’s very angry.”
Fiona was getting slowly to her feet. Polly joined her more to stand her ground better and argue back.
“Fiona, there is nothing and no one there, stop being stupid!”
A dark shadow passed over the room.
“What was that?”
“It’s him,” terror was stricken across Fiona’s face.
“The man, the man that died here years ago. He wasn’t a very nice man. His wife murdered him. He talks to me sometimes. Sometimes he is nice to me. Sometimes he just wants someone to listen. But he isn’t a very nice man. He used to beat his wife and he’ll beat you if you don’t run.”
Polly was petrified now. She didn’t know what to believe anymore. Fiona was mad, but she was never this convincing normally. Fiona stepped back to open her bedroom door.
“On the count of three, go…”
“The kitchen. I’ll be right behind you…”
“One…two…. Three….”
Polly sprinted out the door and bolted down the stairs – skipping every second step. She reached the kitchen in no time at all and dove behind the dining table. A minute she waited for Fiona, but she never came and no one ever did see her ever again.

~ by S.G. Mark on March 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 147 – Unseen”

  1. Good luck telling your stories for the year. I am just reading through some of them now, they are very entertaining.

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