Day 149 – Trigger Happy


Word count:1013

“Fall back, fall back!” Francis yelled across the stream of bullets to their encampment by the river.
Bullets skimmed over the once-placid river and rained into them.
Johnson was already hit by the time they had made it to the bushes in time. Crawling through the squelching mud, they made their way slowly up the hill, guns on their backs and the enemy on the trail.
For twenty minutes they had waited successfully down by the river with a smug sense of self-intelligence. It had been Francis who had thought of it first, to wait until the enemy would run through the path at the top of the hill. But they never came from that direction; they came from the worst possible direction. They didn’t stand a chance. All their defenses were set to the other direction. No one ever thought that they would come from across the river.
Johnson, despite his injury, made it first to the top. He rolled across the path and checked three and nine. Nothing. Davis’ head popped up from behind a rhododendron and Johnson motioned him across. Davis slid down beside him and readied his position for fire back down the hill they had just climbed. Thomas came up next and then Francis.
“Where’s White?” Johnson shouted to Francis when the last member of their team wasn’t following them.
“He didn’t make it,” Francis shook his head and continued to run down the path at full pelt, “Get back to the abandoned church, there’ll be enough cover there!”
Johnson and the team ran after Francis, squinting back every now and then to see if the enemy were following them. It had gone all quiet on the firing front. There were no barrages of bullets, but Johnson still didn’t feel at ease.
They reached the church within a few minutes. Francis took point and checked it out for an enemy trap.
“All clear,” he signaled them all in.
Crouched down around Francis in the grassy aisle between where the pews used to be, they all listened to their leader’s every word.
“Right, they are going to be coming in and they are coming to be coming in fast. Do not expect them to show you mercy. What’s your ammo stat?”
“Not much, maybe a few shots?” Davis reported
“I’ve got quite a lot left, sir,” Johnson confirmed.
“What about you, Thomas?”
“I’m decent, I didn’t get to even fire a shot down there.”
“Right, split your ammo between yourselves. I’ve got two more rounds and a smoke, but we can’t be too trigger happy. Do not fire unless you have the shot. Do not give your position away unless you have a shot. Do not fire unless you can one hundred percent confirm that it is an enemy target. Got it?”
They all nodded.
“Right, Thomas – you take the door. Davis, you take right flank, I’ll take left. Johnson, you’re up on the tower. There’s a viewpoint from there. You’ll be relaying all info to us on the radios. Got that?”
They all nodded and fell into position.
Johnson ran up to the tower. It wasn’t high, but it had a good vantage point of the whole area. There were slots through all four sides from which to fire through, but it didn’t guarantee him immunity in return.
“In position?” Francis called over the radio.
“Affirmative,” Johnson replied, setting up the gun to point through one of the slots. Every couple of minutes he’d switch walls and scan the area.
For almost twenty minutes there was nothing, and then – through the undergrowth to the South, a figure crawling. Another figure dove for cover behind a tree and another one was kneeling on the other side of a dyke.
“Movement on the Southside,” Johnson called in over the radio.
“Roger,” Francis replied, “Let them come.”
Johnson watched them run quickly through the grassland before the church. They were so easy targets, he could have taken all three of them out, but then he would never have gotten the remaining seven on the other sides.
“Hold fire,” Francis whispered over the radio.
A shot. They had been spotted.
Rapid fire quickly followed and soon there were screams over the radio. Johnson was right up against the tower wall firing into the grassland in an attempt to pick off the few that were still in range.
“Guard the door, guard the door! White, no!”
A succession of shots and White was gone.
“Damn! Damn, ammo, stat?”
“Empty, sir, empty! They’re coming in hot from the East now!”
“Johnson, can you get them?”
“I think so, sir!”
Johnson turned towards the Eastern flank and fired blindly at the three storming down from the trees.
“Argh! We’re surrounded!” Thomas shouted over the radio, “Aaah!”
They were down to three.
“Davis, fall back to the tower! We can maybe protect from there?” Francis yelled.
Johnson heard them a second later at the foot of the tower. From where he was now, he didn’t have sight of anyone anymore. They were all too near. He sat himself down at the top of the steps and prepped himself for a slaughter.
Shots were being fired at heavy intensity a short distance away, though he could no longer tell if it were Francis, Davis or the enemy.
“How you guys holding up down there?” Johnson yelled to no reply. “Guys?”
Footsteps without sound of a defense: they were now at the bottom.
“Shit,” Johnson breathed to himself and aimed, only to discover that he only had one bullet left.
Four, five, maybe six separate footsteps were climbing the steps now. There was no way he would get them all, but he wasn’t going to go out without a fight. A head popped up and he fired successfully. But there was no more and the second figured ran up and pelted him with the rest of his ammo; smothering Johnson in a thick yellow glue.
“Ow, ow, ow! I surrender!”
The figure came up and shook Johnson’s hand, “Good game!”
“We’ll get you in the next round, Dwayne!”

~ by S.G. Mark on March 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 149 – Trigger Happy”

  1. Love the idea of starting afresh with a new story every single day, it’s like Groundhog Day for writers 😛

    I’m off to make an attempt at reading the rest of your work…which will probably take as long as it did for you to write them all!

    Keep up the good work, best of luck with the rest of the year.

    • Thanks! You wouldn’t believe how much it becomes part of your routine! Though you do think on some days “oh not again”… But you get through it and you feel better for finishing another day.

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