Day 150 – Liar

Day 150 today, anyone got any faves so far?

Wrote this one really hurriedly and I’m quite tired, so apologies! Also thought of the story line about half way through…..

Word count: 977

Sunday afternoon lunch. A vase of fresh flowers cut from the garden as the centerpiece; the good plates and silver cutlery; napkins and the crystal glass; a three course meal of salmon and melon, roast chicken and sherry trifle. Two hosts and two guests in a modern yet overvalued three bedroom house with large garden complete with vegetable patch and a small greenhouse. It was May. It was awkward.
Kevin and Nadine interlinked pinkies under the table as a mark of solidarity. They were being judged; notes taken, marks awarded, withdrawn; their movements surveyed and their choice of vocabulary criticized. Kevin’s parents instantly did not like Nadine, Kevin’s father in particular.
An hour previously Kevin and Nadine had arrived with flowers at Kevin’s parents’ house. It was the first “Parent Meeting” that Nadine had received. She had been more than a little nervous, but Kevin was constantly reassuring her throughout the car journey. Nadine won the bet they had.
To say the first minute and a half was awful was probably a compliment. Nadine, whilst perhaps not the most conservatively dressed of women, was not impressing Kevin’s mum upon first glance. Kevin registered the look of pure disgust on his mum’s face. That particular face had had several outings for some of Kevin’s previous girlfriends. But the real shocker came when Kevin’s dad pulled a look that would have startled wildebeest. They all hugged and shook hands and wore their best smiles and pulled out their best enthusiasm hats.
By their second cup of tea, however, their energy was beginning to flag. Kevin’s dad seemed irritable in his chair and kept on getting up to check on the food. Kevin’s mum attempted a conversational level that both she and Nadine would feel at ease with: she failed.
Nadine was one of those free spirited types who wore very little in the way of skin coverage and was pierced in most places. Aside from her hard exterior, though, Kevin found her to be a sweet, sweet girl, if a little shy and closed off on this particular occasion.
Kevin chased after his dad just before the main meal. He was concerned about why his dad kept on retreating to the safe shores of the kitchen sink. The meal looked fine; it was not burning and was bubbling away quite pleasantly.
“Dad, what’s wrong?”
Kevin’s dad huffed and pretended to rummage around in the fridge.
“Dad, I know you don’t like her…”
Kevin’s dad slammed a tub of margarine down on the kitchen work surface, “If only you knew…”
“Knew what?”
His dad sighed again, taking long deep breaths for a few seconds as well.
“Listen, son… I’ve seen this girl around… she’s been in the station a few times,” Kevin’s dad was a policeman, “And… she’s… she’s no good.”
“What? What are you on about?”
“Criminal record, she’s a horrible person!”
“There must be some mistake! Nadine isn’t anything like that!”
“I tell you, it’s true!”
“Dad, I can’t believe you… you of all people… Mum I could vaguely understand – but you?”
“I’m just trying to be a good parent!”
“Well don’t.”
Kevin shook his head and went back into the living room to finish his mug of tea.
When lunch was finally ready, no one was really looking at each other in the eye. The main course had just been demolished and Kevin’s mum was clearing up in the kitchen while his dad cowered in safety upstairs for a short while.
“I’m sorry, this has been a disaster,” Kevin whispered to Nadine.
“It’s ok… it’s not that bad really…”
Nadine patted him on the shoulder.
“I’m going to help mum out,” Kevin stood up and left the dining room.
In the hallway he heard mumbled, muffled voices.
“Oh for god’s sake, you didn’t tell him that did you? Oh god, this is just going to get worse! I can’t stand to look at that girl!”
Kevin kicked the door in gently, making his presence known.
“Oh, Kevin, I’m sorry…” Kevin’s mum dropped the spoonful of trifle she was slopping into a bowl.
“Mum, I can’t believe you!”
Kevin about turned and charged back into the dining room with rage.
“C’mon, Nadine, we’re going.”
Nadine looked as confused as a cookie in a pasta jar, “What’s going on?”
“We’re leaving, that’s what’s going on.”
“You can’t!” Kevin’s dad demanded.
“Oh for feck’s sake, Richard, stop the lying right now!”
Kevin’s dad turned pale and stared at his wife, “Wha?”
“Yes! I know! Kevin, dear I’m so sorry. You’re the innocent victim in all of this…” she brushed her hand on his cheek, “Sweetie, I’m sorry to tell you that your dad is a lying cheating bastard and but the good news is that your girlfriend is just a lying bitch.”
“What the feck?”
“Richard, I’ve known for months now you’d slept with this girl.”
“And you never said?”
“What the feck?” Kevin was looking around wildly for answers.
“I’m sorry,” Nadine was in tears at table.
“Don’t you start!” Kevin’s mum screamed over the top of Richard’s frantic backtracking apology. “And don’t you dare say it was for Kevin’s own good, you little bastard – you lied to your son right in the face and you told him she was a convict, when she was really just one of your conquests!”
“I’m really, really sorry, Kevin…” Nadine reached out an arm.
“What the feck?”
“Kevin, I’m sorry, your parents are getting a divorce. Nadine, I think you should leave.”
“What the feck?” Kevin was still looking frantically around for an answer to the chaos.
“Yes, you bitch, get out of my house before your destroy someone else’s life!” Richard yelled.
“That was your own making, you arse!” Kevin’s mum kneed her husband in the groin as Nadine scurried out passed them.
“What the feck?” Kevin repeated, still disappointed.

~ by S.G. Mark on March 5, 2012.

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