Day 153 – The Passenger – Part 5

Only a short one tonight…

I need to pack and EAT.

Word Count: 624

“Are you done yet?” Kate shouted at the man whilst hanging out the passenger door.
She could only see a faint outline of a man being rained on by falling hay. There was no way that she could run into the bush – he would find her. He was that annoying sort of person that would never be outwitted or outdone. Whatever she could think of, he could think of something smarter. God, she had only known him a few hours and she already detested him. What was he doing, anyway? Why were they in the middle of Farm-ville?
“I need a coffee,” she huffed to herself, vaguely wondering if anyone had actually noticed that she hadn’t turned up to work yet. It was well after lunchtime now. Her stomach rumbled. “And a panini.”
It was roasting hot, she was sweating far too much than was comfortable. No car, no phone, no way of contacting the outside and she wasn’t even allowed to put the radio on.
“Can you hurry up, I’m bored!” She leaned out the window again, but she couldn’t see him anymore.
The driver’s door opened and she slid back inside. He was already sat there with a briefcase on his lap and smiling to himself.
“Are we done?”
“Yes, well, sort of. We need to leave now.”
“My insurance is not paying for this!”
“You really are stupid, we’re not going to drive this thing! We’re dumping it and heading. C’mon,” he got out of the car snappy, clicking his fingers quickly, “Chop, chop!”
Kate got out on command, “Where are we going if we’re not driving?”
The man smiled, “Come on, pip, pip!”
The man motioned her to follow with his finger and took point, heading into a thicket. Kate reluctantly followed, slipping and sliding around in her heels. Branches slashed her moisturised, bronzed skin and stones proved themselves to be landmines for her stilettos. After a few metres the thicket transformed into a jungle of twigs, leaves, branches, undergrowth, shrubs, boulders, rabbit holes, creepy crawlies and tree roots.
“I hate you! I actually hate you!” she threw her voice forward at the man, who was marching well ahead. “I’m just going to stop here, you can’t make me follow you!”
Kate stopped suddenly, “Wait, what am I even doing? You don’t even need me anymore! The car’s gone!”
The man turned around and reminded her that he still had a gun, “Don’t be hasty, Katy.”
He backtracked and closed in on her; so much so that his body touched hers. The branches and leaves appeared to grow around them, entrapping them.
“You’re going to kill me, aren’t you? You’re going to shoot me in some forest and bury me under an oak tree.”
He leant in towards her and touched her cheek with his surprisingly soft yet grubby hand, “What do you think?”
Kate could see nothing but his dark eyes. She tried to read his mind, but all she saw was question marks. She didn’t even know his name; she didn’t know anything about him and he was giving nothing away. He was ageless; he could be violent; he could be kind; he could have been anyone at all. He could kill her at any second. Anything could be going through his mind right now. He was as alien to her as another planet. Kate trembled with a shiver, though it was still roasting.
“I – I…”
“Even if I did kill you,” he whispered in her ear, “Bury you under those bushes over there, never to be found again, you’d still find some way of annoying me…”
He jumped back from her orbit and skipped backwards along the path, “Come on, Katy-bella! We’ve got some crimes do commit!”

~ by S.G. Mark on March 8, 2012.

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