Day 159 – The Drink

Word count: 762

Sam circumference her wine glass with her finger and looked deep into her date’s eyes. It was her fourth glass of cabernet sauvignon and everything was going numb and fuzzy. It had been an unexpectedly pleasant evening. Her hapless neighbour who had lived beside her for over two years had completely surprised her with a three course meal at a lovely restaurant. At the beginning of the evening, she had been presented with a dozen red roses and a bottle of gorgeous perfume (which she had sprayed on immediately).
Considering he had never struck her as being particularly attractive – this had originally been a sympathy date – the night had been a total surprise and even a shock. For all the time they had shared an adjoining wall together, she had never once heard him play his music too loud or swear, crash a plate or come home late. Sam figured that this would be a boring evening, stiff conversation and drinks to lubricate the awful tension, but Eric was a pleasant guy – he was even interesting.
They were now in the village pub. Eric had arranged a car to drive them from location to location. Every tiny detail of the night had been pre-planned by him. Sam had not been expecting anything more than a quick pub lunch, never mind that fancy restaurant. It had been a delicious meal and now they were enjoying a simple drink in the nearby pub. Individually, they had come here many times, so there was nothing unfamiliar except each other’s company.
Eric had been nothing but a gentleman all evening. He had not let Sam pay for anything, he had taken her coat, her hand, helped her into chairs, let her speak first, never let her go without. He was the perfect man. Sam was never very lucky with men. With every relationship she had ever had, she had screwed it up somehow by being too clingy or by cheating on them inadvertently on a drunken night out. All the good men were slipping through her fingers.
That was why, in the warm and cozy ambience of drink number four, Sam was feeling completely comfortable with Eric. A tipsy smile was sliding down one side of her face as she nodded at everything he was saying.
Eric leant in closer, “Come with me.”
Sam was taken aback by his directness, but excited, she had been waiting for this since the first course, “Yes.”
Eric threw a couple of notes down on the table they were sitting at and they got up and left into the chilly November air. A few stars were out. Sam looked up and smiled. Eric took her arm and led her down the little lane towards home. The driver was not here to pick them.
They talked as they walked along the quiet lane. Nothing but the cold breeze interrupted their conversation. As they got to their front doors, there was an awkward silence between them. Sam stared at him as if to ask, “Your place or mine?”
But Eric had already answered, taking out his keys and walking down his garden path. Sam had never been in his house. As she’d guessed, it was identical to hers but the other way around. Though, unlike how she thought it might be, the place was not clean and tidy, but littered in scrap metal and pieces of car parts.
“Well this is odd?” she asked, receiving no answer.
Eric instead had gone straight to the kitchen. Sam assumed he was making more drinks and played around with a few dials of old dashboards and windup toys. There was barely enough room to maneuver, let alone sit down.
After a few minutes, Eric did not return, and Sam grew somewhat uneasy about being left alone in someone else’s house unattended. She wondered through to the kitchen.
“Eric, where are those dri-” her voice was snatched behind something trying to strangle her.
The pair of hands around her throat were too strong to fight back from and the voice in her ear was all too familiar, “Don’t scream or shout,” Eric said, “Don’t scream or shout.”
He dragged her out to the back garden. She could hardly believe her eyes. Right were the washing line was, was… was… there were no other words for it, it was a spaceship!
“I hope you don’t mind, Sam, but I need to get back home and I don’t have any fuel…..”
Sam look petrified, “I can pay for petrol?”
“Oh no, Samantha, this baby runs of human flesh.”

~ by S.G. Mark on March 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day 159 – The Drink”

  1. Kool. Thought it’d be predictable, but then the delicious twist.

  2. ps. U do realise Steph that these stories compiled in book format wud make excellent loo passtime material. That is a compliment, not at all back-handed. Not that U’d want to know but i and am sure many others spend hours gettin an education on da bog.

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