Day 169 – Folie à Deux – Part 8

Word count: 524

Tights, skirt, shirt, tie: Catherine dressed for school for the final time. It felt weird in her room. Her makeup took slightly longer than usual to apply. In a way, she did not want to leave her room. A warm sunlight was streaming in through her a tiny gap in her curtains. It was safe, secure and comfortable in here. The next time she would be in here school would be over, forever. There would be no more going back. No more registration and no more classes; no more assemblies and no more teachers.
She looked at herself in the mirror. All she could see was a pathetic little school girl. In six months time she would be at university. She’d be eighteen. She would have the world at her feet and she could do anything – anything she wanted without anyone telling her what to do. Soon she’d be an adult; earning her own living, cooking her own food and living her own life.
“Breakfast, sweetheart!” her mum called down from the kitchen.
Catherine wasn’t hungry at all. She felt sick. She’d had a dreadful night’s sleep. Ironically she had only slept about two hours in sporadic twenty minute sessions. All night she had been dwelling on her future. Right now she was planning one, but should she be? This MRI scan sounded serious. There was no way she was telling anyone about the visions she was seeing. What would the doctors think – would she be admitted and fed drugs on a drip feed for the rest of her life in some asylum?
Gathering the rest of her belongings together, she went downstairs and found the table had been beautifully laid. There was a banner and huge lettering reading, “Congratulations on Graduating!”
Her dad, sister and mum were standing there awaiting her presence.
“We’re so proud of you!” Her mum ran forward and threw her arms around her, kissing her on the cheek. “I’ve made you your favourite breakfast!”
Catherine looked at the size of it in horror. She felt like throwing up at the sight of it. This was all too much: she couldn’t cope.
“I’m sorry, mum, I can’t….” she withdrew from her mum and turned towards the front door, picking up her belongings on the way.
She ran so fast out the front door that she thought she wouldn’t stop. All the way down the hill she ran, not wanting to stop for school but just to carry on farther and farther until she could run no more. It was so big, so immense that she just couldn’t cope with it all. As she ran past the park, she wanted to collapse in the street and slip into the dream where she was on the country road, where she was in that house and that garden stretched out like a paradise. Wouldn’t it be so fantastic if that place were real; if she could go there now, and be there – to hear those children laughing and be happy? Why did she have to grow up at all; why did all this have to end? What was the point in growing old?

~ by S.G. Mark on March 24, 2012.

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  1. …such sane thoughts from Catherine!

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